Nun gives birth. details inside


I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any stars rising.



thought nuns were holy as fuck and didn’t fuck

XPOZED :coffee:


Put molly all in her holy water…


Don’t these people know about birth control? :coffee:


“I made sure he pulled out every time!”

It is Europe, you know.


Guess thats child #14 :coffee:

Bitch said she miscarriages

It was okay


This is a nice change of pace, I was getting tired of all the altar boy sodomy stories.



Oh. You meant inside the thread. This just got a lot less interesting.


Omg a women gave birth to a baby!!!

Clearly this is front page news.

Also back in the days a lot nuns were ex whores.


No surprise, really. Nuns live a relaxed life these days. All the old rules are kinda like suggestions these days. At least she wasn’t raped by a monk or a priest, like nuns were during the Dark Ages and Renaissance eras.


Don’t have anything to say really, this thread reminds of Dragon’s Crown though


good guuurl

  • I know you want it*. ♪


Good ole religion…


They keep it in the family, probably, richass holy support system can afford it.

And details? Who’s the father?



What kind of meat does the pope eat?



This is bullshit
God damn misleading title.
I wanted details, wet sloppy details.
Time in labour, placenta sizes, gape diameters and such.
Thanks for wasting my time.