Nurse, scalpel. ( Team setups and assists for Valentine on point)



What kind of character to do you bring with Valentine for a specific synergy? Or more a specific assist that you don’t you don’t use with others team when using the same character.

Personally I tend to save Valentine as an anchor. But I suck at the game and sometimes you gotta tag in sooner than later.

My standard is Cerebella/Valentine. Usually I like to have the cere-copter assist, but with Valentine I prefer the Diamond Drop assist due to aggressive play in a way I try to force people into blocking the chain of safe comboing/whiffy moves so I can drop in Bella for her grab.


I save Valentine for an Anchor myself, but like you said, bringing them in early happens.

I use Peacock/Valentine, and I do like PEacock’s George at the Air show. All of the george moves are great, but I like this one because is surprisingly a decent anti air… if you time it early. I mainly use it to stop air dashers and Celebella gliders. It also does add to the pressure game, but isn’t best for continuing combo’s unless you do it early. Still, it’s a good assist that usually stops people from charging in at you when you don’t want them to.


Hmm I may actually use this team. Are you using Valentine’s grab assist?

I used to run her in my Fillia/Parasoul/Valentine team but I can see Para’s Napalm Pillar helps her cause she has no AA outside of level three super and/or random counter.


As of the moment I am using the HK version of Savage Bypass for Cerebella in hope to cover up her weak points which is being away from the other player. Valentine will either take a projectile or hit the enemy giving you some time to close the gap. I think it’s full screen as well? It have been a success and a sometimes not.
Mortuary drop is a good assist, but Bella got so many grabs already I wish to expand my fighting kit with her.


I’m using Valentine(Savage Bypass H)/ Double(DP+K)
Double’s assist is so nasty with armor and damage. valentine’s run speed allows her to chase down the opponent or protect double if they try to assist punish.


It seems some people have been mentioning Savage Bypass for Valentine. Funny, I was just thinking that before going to bed. I thought that might be a better Assist for Peacock then mortuary drop. I have yet to test it, but it does go full screen I believe, and gives Peacock another long range keep away move. It will help lock down the foe, and while Valentine may get hit, it leaves the foe open for Garbage day’s into super, as well is item drops. I am not sure if it hit’s low… but if it does it’s a great mix up for item drop.

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I usually run Valentine in the back with Filia first using savage bypass HK to close in and Updo HP for anti air when playing Valentine.


Painwheel’s first default assist makes it easy to get poison load and throw in the same combo.

ex: lp, mk, hp, call assist,, hk, qcf.p



@ 0:14:00 UltraDavid shows off some possibilities with some assists that really helps Valentine with vial combos. Sorta faily since he took the wrong Bella assist but the idea is there!


I play Valentine/Bella,with Valentine on point. Assist for Val i use either standing medium kick or the command grab depending on the match up. For bella i use the cerecopter. I play very rush down heavy. so with bellas assist to lock down the opponent i can start my mix up once i get them in a block string. corner can be your best friend once you’ve pushed your opponent to the back of the screen. The only problems, i have with this team is when Valentine dies. My bella isn’t the best, so i can’t really give any advice on how to get in or do anything really dependable with her once shes by herself. But if for some reason Bella dies before, Valentine and you got at least 3 bars, i would strongly suggest saving the meter for resurection if your fighting and up hill battle and don’t think you can do it on your own. Valentine can’t really take a hit, and her damage output isn’t the best. So i would try to bring back the assist if possible.


I personally think Valentine sucks without a strong neutral assist.

It’s like Wesker without the one frame grab with near instant recovery, full screen super that’s safe on block at certain distances/against certain characters or teleport+assist (which means not really much like Wesker at all). You can bully people with normals but that’s about the end of it. Especially when her special moves are ass for actually scaring people in the neutral. If people are blocking and calling their invincible assists on you I don’t really see what she’s gonna do that doesn’t involve taking a bunch of risks or spamming predictable normals. You’ll need meter just to bully them with counter super which is probably the best thing about her outside of her normals if she doesn’t have an assist. Her command grab is garbage without some assist covering it every time.

She’s definitely capable to an extent with meter but not really what I would call the ideal character for running by herself unless you’re loaded with meters (and even then it’s just decent).

With a strong neutral assist her pressure becomes much stronger because then you can pressure people with lockdown and invincible assists that keep your momentum going. This makes your normals a lot harder to deal with also since they’re always dealing with huge ass normals, lockdown assist or invincible assist. Instead of just doing string into shuriken which isn’t that scary. Anybody with an invincible assist is just going to space themselves behind their invincible or huge hit box assist and keep you at bay.

I’m running Size 3 Pain/Val/Soul (c.MP/s.MP/Napalm Pillar). Generally once Valentine comes in I’m using Napalm Pillar to clear up stuff in the neutral since it’s a projectile and invincible. Once I get in I’m calling c.MP for lockdown assist as I go overhead or mix in low. The c.MP doesn’t actually hit low (just found that out now) so you can set up high/low mix ups legit during the block stun. If they block the c.MP then I keep mixing it in and calling either that or napalm pillar until they cave in. Probably gonna use that to set up command grabs eventually also.



I am using Painwheel ( /Valentine (HP Ninja Star) /Parasoul (Captain Corridor).

Painwheel with Napalm Pillar is pretty much Sentinel with Captain Corridor. She’s really good while in flight mode and both Ninja Star and Napalm covering her. Valentine uses Cruel Lily for mixups and lockdown, also Napalm covers her. Parasoul gets the least of the three, but still gets Ninja Star to help her zone, or Cruel Lily if she wants to pressure wit Napalm Shots. The three assist are also great for combo extensions, for example, Valentine gets a free vial with either assist in between the combo (so she doesn’t Vials at the beginning of her combos if she’s close to the corner). Ninja Star just allows Parasoul and Painhwheel to link any chain into anything pretty much. Painwheel assist is probably the best combo extender because of the many active frames it has. Remember also that Ninja Star could turn into Green Vial assist, which would allow for some crazy combo extensions.

DHCs also have a lot of potential. Painwheel can do a combo, DHC into Valentine, and Valentine can TOD the opponent (starting with 1 and 1/10 Meters, no vial at the start, midscreen and in the corner). From my little testing, Valentine can do the same thing and DHC into Parasoul’s :d::df::f::lk::mk: super and she can continue the combo without even letting the opponent touch the floor (no ground bounce wasted). Parasoul can also DHC into Painwheel for her to continue the combo (again, without even wasting the ground bounce). So right now you have the following DHCs that have huge damage potential. DHCing early from Painwheel’s air super also allows Parasoul to combo after without wasting the ground bounce. Any combo that Parasoul does can end in a Napalm Pillar xx :d::df::f::lk::mk: into Kunai DHC and it will also allow Valentine to continue the combo without wasting the ground bounce.

  • Painwheel > Valentine (wastes ground bounce)


  • Valentine > Parasoul
  • Parasoul > Painwheel


  • Painwheel > Parasoul
  • Parasoul > Valentine

Only one missing is Valentine into Painwheel, but I don’t think it’s possible unless you use Painwheel’s Install Super (Lv.3).

Best order for the team IMO right now is Painwheel/Valentine/Parasoul or Valentine/Painwheel/Parasoul. I see Jin is also playing this team eh? Cool.
Also, 3 Women Team > 2 Women Team free.


I put the team together like a month before the game came out so it’s good to see someone else going in with it.


I’m having trouble finding a character to run with Valentine at the moment. I LOVE Valentine, she is perfect for me. I’ve been playing her by herself, but I would really like an assist to back her up, and someone to run in front of her so when she comes in she’s got more meter. Very rarely do I have more than 2 bars stocked at a time while running Valentine on her own. Spend tons of meter. Optimizing my combos will help with that (haven’t had much time to play), but I’m thinking having a battery out front would help. I just don’t feel comfortable with anyone else at the moment. I’m thinking about either Double or Peacock at the moment, but I’m still not sure. Very frustrating situation!


There’s no reason IMO that you should be spending tons of meter with Valentine. Her supers have utility but not enough to just be throwing them around like some ouroboros stuff.

It seems like you would have trouble putting together a Size 3 team if you’re having trouble coming up with another character you like enough to run with her. I would suggest trying a Size 2 team for now and running Val on point with Double or Peacock as assists. Double would be better for the coverage with HK booty assist but some of Peacock’s assists aren’t bad either. She even has an invincible assist of her own that anti airs and pressures decently (LP Bang/qcf+LP). I’m sure there’s plenty other solid assists with Peacock that could work also but I like having as many options as possible so I go for Size 3.


i’m gonna bet valentine/parasoul is top tier for a long time


Right now I’m on Peacock/Valentine with assists 236hk/2hp. Valentine and Peacock benefit from each others anti airs since those are areas both could use a little help in. Both characters have a 236pp blockbuster that DHC into each other very easily.


Normally, I run Valentine anchor. With peacock/cerebella. But, just like everyone else who runs her anchor, there are times where my point and 2nd get hurt early on due to some poor decisions from me or amazing reads from my opp. Luckily, this team also works in reverse order since I have peacock with item drop to help Val get in and even to extend combos somewhat. Also having Cerecopter assist to lock them down helps her already great corner game.

I agree with DevilJin where Val’s supers, for the most part, are not what I normally spend the bar on (except to revive someone or use the counter super).


Thinking of re-learning this character. It seems that a 3-man team is the way to go with Valentine. I was thinking Fillia/Valentine/Parasoul maybe? Or Peacock but Peacock is hardly as mobile…maybe I just needa learn her more.


I’m running with a Val/Bella team. So far I’ve been using Bella more than Val, but I realize that I never really load up needles. It should be easy to do, since I use Merry-go-Rilla as an assist.