Nuuk, Greenland: Crack Sessions In An Igloo

somebody liiiiiieeeeed to me, cause it’s cold as a muhfuggah up hurr!! :annoy:

where do we plug in our shitz?

wtf is this place?? :rofl:


too good, worldwide now babey

Yo, good games last night to JJJ and Slips. Dictator definitely does not fare well against garbage. Hopefully my opponents at Evo will actually try to fight with dignity and class…

cold fusion power?!

new thread tagged, lol

thank god for Texas

LOL, niice. hahaha.

gs beating watson(and in my mind) valle nick.
Fuck playing lag in a tourny wtf, this evo was ran kinda wack.
Yet was so amazing at the same time.
I wanna do better next year.
In a bunch of games.
Im hungry.
Ima go eat.

In the infamous words of UMSL Urkel: “Gotta get yer combos!!”

Yo how the hell do you come up with these names man?

who is this imposter above me?
be gone doppleganger before i unshieth my sword.

I’d be more worried if you unsheathed it nyukka.

Whoa whoa, nick how is this shit not the most broken ever?


Well just from watching I’d say that because you can just counter throw it’s not so broken. I mean, countering a tick throw with an invincible move is already not a completely safe option anyway.

oh makes sense, i was thinking it was damdai ken style where u either eat the uppercut or take the throw, 50/50 style but without the geussing for the attacker.

Hmmm so I’m thinking of playing SF4 again…but I realize Vega is kinda shitty and simply can’t win certain matches.

JJJ can you teach me Gen? The better Vega? I mean hell your good enough with Blanka you don’t need TWO characters. :slight_smile:


lol… sure brad, you can probably start with going to the trial mode and try to complete gen’s bnb combos. and I can teach you his good normals and what to do in certain situations. but I will still use him after I teach you though…lol