Nuuk, Greenland: Crack Sessions In An Igloo

Rex - The defender still gets a guaranteed reversal throw.

JJJ - You have 2 pokemon now!?

lol… actually I had more pokemons before… like 4-5 of them, but some of them just wandered around, got lost and never returned to their balls…:rofl: so when do you wanna play brad? your trainer is gonna feed you some gOOd stuff; maybe I will feed you some crack to make you evolve faster…lol

Well I’ll do the trial business first like you said, after that I’ll be pretty clueless. =P Maybe Sunday or Monday? Can you pm me your number? And I want some more of that Guile and that bullshit f. medium kick lol.



oh no not gen, yo brad the most impressive player at evo was using that old ass man.

This dude did hands 4 times in a combo, something like

jump in hk, cmp, smp, fierce hands, smk, hands, fadc, cmp, smp, hands, fadc, cmp, hands, smk, hands O_o

was playing in this hotel room he was running money matches in, dude won like 8 strait. Look up jibbo videos.

c. mp doesn’t link into s. mp; it’s c. jab into s. mp with the ppp stance~

BRAD!?!?! with GEN!?!?!?!

glad to see you giving sf4 another chance. hopefully u wont get frustrated with all the stances n shit u gotta do.

i still say chun but gen is ok.

  • f0rest out


Yea Gen is pushing it I know but he’s one of the few characters that seem interesting to me…unless he’s super-ass hard I think I’ll be ok. I hear Chun callin my name too but then I look at her and am just replused. You know in Altered Beast JUST before you transform how your body is HUGE but you have the smallest head on the planet? She looks like that but her upper body compared to her legs…looks so retarded.

Slips out, not Chun Li’s telephone pole legs just…



:rofl:… POWER UP x 3 = RAWR!!!

So…that combo with Gen is too damn hard…God, am I reallyy gonna have to go with the Altered Beast?


lol… which combo are you talking about? couple practical ones without the ‘hands’ are…

kkk stance: j. rh x 2, c. mp into fierce roll

ppp stance: j. mk (crossup or not), s. mp (change to kkk stance), c. mp into lp roll

and the hands combos can really be simplified if you don’t like the links…lol

my favorate super combo into ultra = (kkk stance) j. mk, s. lp, c. lk --> change to ppp stance and super, and then ultra. not too hard at all~

watched AR 1.1 since i was bored. OMFG…aaron is fucking HUNGRY! loser finals was a rape and very very very good match in grand finals.

man, sooooooo glad we have an AWESOME akuma player to practice against.

Nick, Hookup Tonight?

YES. 7:30 - midnight!

time to over-crack my pokemon…lol

Yea those medium kick into hands combos are ridiculous…I don’t know if its possible on pad. I might give it another go.

I still have a few hopes for Vega, there’s a few more shenanigans I have to learn and if I could consistantly get his d.lps to combo that would be big too…maybe, just maybe.


I can probably do it on a fight pad where you have all 6 buttons on the surface. well, bring the fight pad and let me try it in the training room…lol and then I can give you some tips. you are coming to nick’s tonight right?

Dude, we got robbed eating dim sum at night :(. We were there on sunday’s morning. It was packed on both floors (they also have another floor downstair) . people were waiting on line and shiz. It was hella better in the morning.

Give me a call if you need a ride to nick. I’ll be out of the house taking care some my sister’s stuffs. Won’t have time to check on here. I’ll pm you my number. Too bad today is monday. Mai lee is closed on monday. Otherwise, I’d buy you some legendary viet sandwiches from them.

thanks for the heads up, kiet! so mai lee only closes on monday??..:sad:

I probably don’t need a ride; will see you at nick’s~