NVGA SuperCon 2009 AfterMath and Media


Yo, this is DancingFighterG. What up players. After a long SuperCon the fun has ended but for those who could not make it or for those who want to remember everything that was at SuperCon take a look at the great pictures and other media from the event:

SuperCon 2009 Pictures:


Note: All pictures were captured by Brian “WhiteWorm” LaCount and Erin of the Colorado Cutthroat Chapter

SuperCon 2009 video:


SuperCon 2009 Results



good shit on that $4k grand prize that actually turned out to be $1k bro

and letting anyone enter nationals for $20, oh wait you mean you spent $300 traveling to qualifiers? welp,

and loud techno music & flashing lights & someone pimping anime club over loudspeaker, yeah that sure isn’t a distraction in tournament matches

Basically what I’m trying to say is that any event involving DancingFighterG belongs next to Planet Zero and NYPWND on the shit list.