Nvidia control panel resolutions

Ok my whole problem started with mostly source games on steam (TF2, CSS ect). My monitors native resolution is 1680x1050 but for gaming that resolution isn’t so great for me. The games tend to run like shit. When I pick a lower resolution the games run great but they’re full screen resolutions, so everything looks stretched. If I go to the TF2 in game video options and select 16:10 the only res I get is 1680x1050. Same thing with Nvidia control panel. If I go to change the res there anything lower than 1680x1050 is full screen.

I’m really looking to get a lower wide screen res running, something along the lines of 1280x800 (I think thats 16:10). This way I can get wide screen and have the game run smooth.

I also tried adjusting the target line in the shortcut to TF2 but it seems to just use the pre set resolutions from the in game list.

Btw my card is a geforce7300 gt with the latest drivers.

right click the game in your steam list and click properties.

click set launch options.

type this exactly, with spaces

-w 1280 -h 800

try that. it may or may not work. its supposed to force the resolution.

Yeah I tried that. It boots the game up in 1280x1024 though for some reason. Same thing happens when I change the target line on the desktop shortcut.