Nvidia MX150 Graphics Card Good Enough For SFV?


I’m looking to get a new notebook that’s lightweight. The new graphics card for these seems to be the Nvidia MX150, and I’m wondering if it can handle SFV at 60fps on any settings.


Possibly, but it’s still a pretty low-end card. Even if you can, you’re gonna need to turn everything down to the bare minimum.



Wait for something with the Intel+RX Vega


You should be fine with the MX150, it’s a mobile version of the Nvidia GT 1030 desktop card and the successor to the Mobile 940.


But the CPUs will be some Intel U-series horseshit.


Meh, on second thought I might just get an external GPU…


Well Ultralight Netbooks are never good for any Gaming, so there is that.


Not really worth it, you’ll still be hampered by the laptop’s CPU.
And external adds $300-500 to the price of the GPU, at which point you might as well build a desktop.

Oh, and GPU prices are completely in the shitter right now due to crypto-mining.

Bottom line: if you want to game on a laptop, save up for something with at least Core i7-8709G / Core i7-8809G, or GTX 1050.


You could try though. AE also fixed all the optimization problems it had before btw so its worth a shot.


Rx Vega and Intel is the way to go. Wait for them


Is the Rx Vega a Dictator or Claw GPU?


When released to the US market, Intel will be doing Balrog laptops instead