NW 6th through 9th Carpool Thread

Alright, I heard mention of this but saw no posts.

So here we go. Throw your posts up and I’ll try to keep it updated as quickly as possible!

January 6th – AfroDojo, Sammamish, WA

January 7th – AfroDojo, Sammamish, WA
pyeek - (Shredder, ScubaSteve, Hurricane Chris, Jimmy)

January 8th – AFK Tavern, Everett, WA
pyeek - (Shredder, ScubaSteve, Hurricane Chris, Jimmy)

January 9th – Epic Gaming, Milwaukie, OR
pyeek - (Shredder, ScubaSteve, Hurricane Chris, Jimmy)

Looking for Ride

Good call Slash.

Yeah, I see a lot of people talking about carpooling, but before you know it, there will be 9 people in one 2 seat car lol.

Looking for a carpool (possibly, funds are gonna play a big part in this)

my whip is almost always full as soon as i decide to go,but since slash would like to me to put up my info. 253mobile consists of scubasteve,shredder,hurricane chris,and jimmy. We will be down in Portland for sure, and at the dojo friday,and afk saturday.

YOMP, double post

jetay, aj, and team seattle are supposed to hit the club and we are supposed to hit the “dougie” and “stanky legg,” possibly even “do the ricky bobby” and some other dumb shit. so yeah fuckers, you better be coming up

/makoto feet

saaay whhaatt…where yall plannin to go?

Take one for the team son!

You ain’t finna “hit the daddy stroke” or “move like Bernie?”

supaman dat ooh???

…still tryin to find a ride up? (Or maybe a ride back home, and just bus it to Everett?)…let me know what is up.