NW Console SF4 Retail Availability Info

Since SF4 is coming out next week and maybe even as soon as this week, i thought it would be useful to make a thread about which stores in the Pacific North West have the game and the sticks already.

If you know of a retailer that will have the game before release date please let us know. Specify: State, City, Retailer Name, Location/Description, Stick Availability and Game availability. – This thread is to be used for the console release of SF4 and not arcade information, as well as availability of SF4 official sticks, and is only meant for people in the northwestern states. (Including: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia.)


Location: Portland, Oregon.
Retailer: xxxxxxxxx Games.
Description: Downtown, Near xxxxxxxxxxx.
Sticks: They have Sticks (ps3 and xbox360.)
Game: They have SF4 (ps3 and xbox360.)

[this info is made up and for example only. :rofl:]

Please post reliable info only. Please don’t send northwestern SF fans on a goose chase because you heard a rumor that a certain location has the game. Only post when you are sure that a specific store is currently selling either the stick or the game, and if you have proof such as a picture of the product that would be extremely helpful. Please also try to specify which version of the sticks/game that the store has. If they only have ps3 copies and are sold out of xbox360 copies please mention that in your post.

Thanks, and happy hunting.

[Also, even though this post is directly related to Street Fighter IV, i made the judgement that it would be more appropriate for the Northwest SRK forum, as it pertains only to people from this region. If mods have a more appropriate place for this thread in mind please feel free to move it.]

Good idea, I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread to see what pops up. Granted there’s probably a better chance for those of you in larger cities towards the coast, but I’ll stop by a few places tomorrow to see what can be had if anything in Spokane.

Wow can we post information about the locations that have the game instead of adding comments here? You broke hella hearts with this thread.

Also rumor has it that Walmarts have the game (Mandel heard that 2 in Houstin have it), but I also heard that they won’t be selling it till the 17th.

What does this have to do with anything???

They are being shipped out as we speak!

I’m in Portland OR as well, in light of these recent Walmart rumors, I called:

Wal-Mart Store #2552
4200 Southeast 82Nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 788-0200

Wal-Mart Store #5440
10000 Southeast 82Nd Ave.
Happy Valley, OR 97086
(503) 788-4748

Both don’t have it, I didn’t ask when they would.

I am stupidly hyped right now

I’m just south of you guys here in Hippietown USA (Eugene, OR). I called a few places and got shutdown. Got a call from Gamestop machine on Monday about them having the sticks by Tuesday. Called the store and they didn’t know when they were getting them. Lying POS. Then the store people said they have too many orders so they won’t call people to let them know when they actually have them. If someone tells me that any SFIV merch is available here then I’m gonna go bust some heads.

Holgate Walmart doesn’t have jack. I’m trying to get my bro to checkout wood village since its 24 hour.

Hate to bring the party down for my seattle peeps but I caled gamestop and they are saying the 18th now. Game crazy on the otherhand is going to sea-tac airport on the 17th to pick them up personally. I’m positive this is including sticks as well.

Yeah I’ve been calling my local GC like every day and I keep hearing the 17th so I’m gonna assume its true before they block my phone number.

Much more likely a random retailer(Target, Fred Meyer, etc) will put them out.

Also I guess 7-11 would sell them as soon as they get them… if anyone knows of one around here that sells games(I think i got like a million of them within 2 miles of my place so i might check 1-2 of them out)

I peeped out some walmarts in the north end in lynnwood and milcreek…as well as some fred meyer’s…no dice

keep the streets updated peeps

Bugger. I saw this thread… and thought someone managed to scoop up a retail release. No such luck. I’ma check my local GameCrazy, but I doubt they’ll have it/release it. My local shop sucks so much.

Checked the nearby Game Crazy and regretted it. Lazy eyed bastard behind the counter didn’t want to answer my questions since I didn’t preorder it from them. All I asked about was the SE fight stick and if they had any and if it was past the 48 hour hold period for anybody so I could buy a stick. He just kept pointing at the countdown clock and said everything was coming out when that hits zero and wouldn’t shut up about a street date. Tried to tell him he could sell it since there would be no orange sticker. Big mistake. He proceeded to ignore me. Not to mention the white trash lady in front of me was giving them crap about some service warranty and they just told her, “Sorry the guy that sold it to you was let go a month ago and that he was a liar.” Worst service EVER! I could smell through that bullshit. I’ll just wait for my local Gamestop to call me on my stuff. Won’t keep me from trying everywhere first though.

sounds like you should get that guy fired…I know if he was working for me I would’ve fired his ass, and hooked you up

note I don’t work for gamecrazy or any place like that

Out of curiosity… why is everyone trying to get the game from the pawn sho… err Gamestop. I’d rather give my money to Best Buy where they will probably have 200 copies of the game rather than give in to the GS pre-order/pre-owned scam.

BTW, I also hate that they open all their games just to use the box on the shelf. Especially PC games since people grab CD keys from the manuals and then you gotta go back to get a new one. Happened a couple times to me. Oddly enough the first time was with FFXI.

because you get Ryu’s headband at gamestop…?

I picked up my 2 Standard Edition Sticks from the Gamestop/EBX in the Washington Square mall in Beaverton, OR. Didn’t look like they had too many, the guy wasnt going to give them to me because he didnt think i pre-ordered them. lol.

I’ll get pics up when my phone charges.

** I did not see any TE sticks. Call them and ask. **

also. they didnt have games and said they wont have them until the 18th at the earliest. however, i’m going to check that same place everyday next week and keep you guys posted.

I will be picking up my TE stick on my lunch today (Pioneer Place). I may pick up a regular Fight Stick if they have any extras.

Still waiting for the Fight Stick TE in my area (downtown Seattle). Kind of annoying that apparently it’s showed up in Bellevue but not here yet.

Paul just got two of his TE sticks for PS3 in right now, and a 360 fight stick. Apparently the third TE PS3 stick will be in on monday.