Nw madden 09 thread

I was inspired by Jetay’s thread for some reason. Anyway, this is for everyone that has Madden 09 in the NW region of North America. Post who you play, and when you’ll play!

I play the following teams right now…

Kansas City Chiefs

Yeah right now I only play the Chiefs, don’t ask me why, it doesn’t need to be questioned, accept it! I’m down to play whenever, just hit me up on this thread, or on AIM or on XBL when you see me on. Deezo fear no man, warrior, swing swords like Conan!

Negro edit-I only have the XBOX 360 version. That should go without saying.

can u teach nanos??

(disclaimer: I have no idea what a nano is, but one time I was reading this Madden forum and half the posts were “SHOW ME UR NANOS” or “WHAT IS NANO”)

I’ve never heard of a nano before. So I can’t help you there, sorry =[.

Raiders. All day every day.

I don’t have a 360 so it’s straight 3 for me. Game is beautiful.

It’s all about the nano. :tup:

LOVING this game. 7-1 online now.

I really, really want to learn how to play fighters with you guys but…when Madden comes out I’m on it like white on rice.


Game is fun, online (ps3) is tight! No lag whatsoever.

Holla at tepid on PSN for a game.

Im Online with Dat Madden now on PS2!

Detroit Lions… Preppy’s worse nightmare.