NW Majors Lost and Found Thread

Post here with info of stuff you’d like to get back, or stuff that you took off with that wasn’t yours. We can’t guarantee that everyone will get their stuff back, but we can certainly make an effort to do so. I’ll update the main post with more details if people wish to provide them. For now, most of the ‘found’ stuff is currently residing with Brent.

–Confirmed & Need to be Exchanged–

  • Raishinken has XTG’s SFAC game disc.
  • Kuenai still has Gogandantes’ DC.
  • 1 backpack, with clothing, toothbrush, and a couple of stick of deodorant. We went through it briefly hoping to find some IDs, but were not successful. It most likely belonged to someone from Portland who spent the night at Preppy’s the night before. Lunitik has spoken for this.
  • 1 VCR in Brent’s possession, most likely left by Ross Koehl.


  • SamY is missing a Total Control Plus PS2 => DC converter, I got dibs once it’s found. . . .:china:
  • Paul Lee is missing a power cord for the DC, 1 EMS PSX=> DC converter, and 1 Pelican PSx/2 => PS3 converter.


  • 2 keys, on a keyring. Labeled as “AXESS” or something like that.
  • 1 powerstrip, “sort of a curvy one.”

I’m short one ps2->dc adapter. I’m not really concerned with getting it back, I just want to know that it ends up in a good home!

What were the colors on the MAS stick? The one Rattana borrowed and I don’t currently have onhand (and thus might have been left…) was white with red buttons. I put a strip of tape with my name onto it, but that could have come off.

I know I took home more VMU’s than what i came to PWN Majors with. I will confirm the gave saves later this morning so help identify who the other VMU’s belong to. Im missing a white third party DC Memory Card (cant really call it a VMU since it doesnt have a screen but saves games just like a VMU) with orange stick lableling…something “Performance” or whatever.

i lost a dasani water bottle after leaving it on a table while i went to the bathroom. i was gonna refill it.

its cool though i got a new one.

As Kieth mentioned in the results thread, I left my dreamcast + cords there, and I believe that’s it. BIG thanks to Brent for suggesting to label equipment :pray:

^ actually it was my suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you or anyone find one labeled “MOLE” on the back? Missing my VMU after I let ST use it for dipswitches.

MOLE is in my possession. I am in Shoreline right now, 1st Ave NE & Sunnyside off 140th if you would like to pick it up

No rush (thanks though), I’m just glad someone I know has it.

I think the buttons were blue, and the face was either white or black. But I have a tendency to alter my memory so that it suits my needs. Oh, no, that’s dann.

BTW, forgot to mention how fun it was to play MvC1 at your place last Friday. Team Christmas (Roll & alternate color Cap America) was in effect.

oh i forgot to get 1st place in all the tournaments do you think you guys could get that for me? thanks.

Yeah they were blue… I think the face was white.

There is also a powerstrip that went unclaimed.

Clayton (Sorias) brought it up to me from the back of the room when we needed one, and we called to see who’s it was, but no one claimed it by the end of the night. It is sort of a curvy one.

I lost my ps3 contoller converter, just pm me if you have it please.

Anthony, give me some details on the converter and I’ll add it to the first post. What brand, what color, was your name on it, etc.

I need my DC power cord.

Wait, you took your DC home, but left the power cord? I presume that you left the cord of your own volition, as I can’t really see people jacking a power cord but leaving the system. But since DCs and PS2s share the same type of power cord, perhaps someone was ghetto enough to do so.

Yeah they were still running 3S on all the TV’s and someone left their power cord home apparently so they jacked mine to run a PS2…

Hey Nate, I have your copy of Anniversary collection. Sorry bro, didnt check my PS2.