NW Major's Money Matches?!

i’m Sure most of you thought of this BUT I KNOW FOR SURE that LTB wants to give my 10 bucks for best of 3?

anyone want to do some 1v1 or 2v2 3s matches? 3s.

no locals please (PDX that is)

and you guys should set up some more money matches in other games i only care about 3s though.

I will money match anyone from outside WA in ST first to 5 for $10.

MackDizzle made the thread first.

I challenge MackDizzle first to 5 for 10$ 3s


If I have a job I’ll money match ya.

i’m down!

ruin- is potentially coming through and would be interested in at least GGAC money matches.

I’d also recommend him for MvC2 money matches - he plays really interestingly and would probably take most people’s money, but you’ll learn stuff from him.

You can hit him up at “ruining your day” on AIM if interested…

I’ll money match GG…

I will give Dan five bucks to take on all challengers. I’ll bring some change just in case.

I’ll take 1st to 1 million in Tekken. 8 round matches. 2 dollar prize.


My buddy Dan from BC offers a challenge to Fatbear in CVS2 for $10 first to 3. If any of you guys talk to Sam before NWM let him know eh?

Sounds good to me.

I’ll play anyone in 3rd strike, first to 3, $10

CvS2 money matches are cool too but ask me first.

We discussed money matches at today’s meeting. While we’re not against the idea, we decided that it wouldn’t be something we’d go out of our way to support given the limited amount of time available with the room. Using casual stations is fine, but only if the people playing casuals agree. Tourney stations may be used before equipment checks if a specific tournament finishes ahead of schedule. Given the projected turnout and number of stations we’ll have, this second option seems viable.

To reiterate, we’re not against money matches. But please understand that finishing all tournaments within the time available takes top priority, as does providing ample time for casuals.

Works for me. Tournaments are more profitable anyway.

Is VF5 going to be ran? Currently there are only 3 entrants (and also my roommate WasFemto is going to sign up at the door, so that’s 4 entrants).

I have a feeling I might place higher in VF5 than ST which is actually my main game, just by the numbers game.

If that’s what happens, then thats what happens. It is still going to be run though.

Edited because Zig said it all up above.

I would be down for money matches as long as it isn’t for something extravagant. I’m thinking more along the lines of like, dollar matches, and 2/3 for 5 dollars. The economy sucks, and I don’t have much money.

Here are the games I am willing to mm in…

Maybe T5 DR if I’m feeling lucky.

This offer lasts anytime before I begin to run Marvel.

2/3 for 5 in CVS2 you down!?

Consider it done.

I dont know if I’m gonna go but if i do Im down for monet matches in 3s and ST