NW Majors: MVC2, ST, 3s, CVS2 and more! Portland, OR

Northwest Majors

MVC2, ST, 3s, and CVS2 (possibly DR as well), with GGXX:AC and other side tournies!

Original thread

I’d like to see some feedback from players outside of the NW and hopefully from tournament organizers to tell us what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. Preppy is sure to come, and most likely Rowtron, JMar, Kuan, Rat, and Cody will all be there for marvel, as well as Peachy the S-Groove player for CVS2 and Fatbear for all games but Marvel.

The schedule is currently aimed for this Spring, so there is more than enough time to organize this thing. Help us out and we might be ready for a regional to precede it this winter! (early December)

i’ll see what’s good with team 3 making an appearance

im down