NW Marvel Blog?

(re-post from FB NWSF Group)

So I had this idea of creating a NW marvel blog, so people who capture footage of local events (tournaments, casuals, highlights, combo vids etc) have a place to display their videos on one concentrated website that everyone can go to and view. I would probably give the login to select individuals that are interested in keeping the website alive with new content. I don’t exactly want a free-for-all everyone has rights to log into it because I don’t want it to get trolled or randomly deleted. This would be for MvC 3 and MvC 2. I know Preppy has a huge backlog of recorded marvel 2 content and I’m not trying to step on his archive at all. We could also post up other things like Tournament results, I’m open to suggestions.

What do you guys think? good idea/bad idea? Who would you like to see uploading videos? I don’t know exactly who is going to be out recording footage, I know slash is out there doing his streaming and we’ve had a handful of people here and there using their cameras for events. I think this has potential to take off and be an online hot spot for the NW to watch what each other is up to, as well as outsiders to gain a view into our community.

Only downside I could see right now is the competitive edge getting in the way of footage being released - STSFN, Don’t let the competition know my new tricks, etc.

Also I was considering using a combination of Youtube and Tumblr since they’re both easy, though I’m open to suggestions. Someone uploads a video, tells so-and-so to put it on the blog, said person checks it out and puts it up. I’m not even proposing that I be a “leader” for this thing, more of a group effort born from the fact that I want to be able to have one website to go on and see new shit that gets posted instead of people just randomly uploading to website A here, youtube B there, random facebook video, some link on the forum, etc.

Feedback appreciated.

I’d rather NOT have my ground/game breaking ULTRA combos on the interwebz. Otherwise, everyone will wanna play She-Hulk cus I’ma make that bitch do work.


But on a real note, due to the speed that information travels on video games, every scene will be “hiding” their “good” shit from Youtube and the like. I think it would be to our best interest to do the same thing.

I think that while some people will be holding their best kept secrets, there are going to be about 500 people that have found it and are racing to get it on the internet. I prefer to call this the “Brawl” complex. Hurry to find something that is innovative and groundbreaking and slap a name on it (Vortex, P-linking, that ken kara focus thing are some things from sfiv/ssfiv).

But I do like this idea, I think it’s important that people outside of Seattle know that we are playing.

Another thing, for tournament results they NEED to be posted in the tournament results page, not in the NW forum.

Nice to see some feedback (I know most of everyone is probably watching the superbowl right now). I kinda feel both sides on the STSFN type shit. The way the information travels these days, not to mention how many people are going to be playing and testing means holding back information is going to be tougher than ever.

My gig is just having a universal location for us to post our shit.

I made a quickndirty tumblr just so people could look at it and get the idea. (very basic, kinda ugly lol but yeah)

An interesting feature tumblr carries is the ability to “Submit a Post” which I enabled for the blog - if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see it there. Clicking will enable people to submit posts to the blog which then someone who has the log in can either approve or deny. This is neat because it enables a larger amount of the community to add content.

You guys can start a free NW MvC3 blog on blogspot and allow access to like 5-10 prominent members of the MvC3 community or people you trust - so people like Mandel for example cause I know he’s going to hella dive into MvC3. These people can then post cool tricks, combos, lessons, tips etc.

However, I would be delighted if on this blog, there would be a section of posts for complete MvC3 noobs like me, because I am definitely going to give the game a try, even though I know nothing about MvC.

Yes! Thats exactly the point I was hoping to drive home. Members of the community posting up for the community. I’d definitely see if I could include some noob-friendly stuff as well, since I know a lot of SF4-only players are going to be jumping into the game. Ill look into blogspot and see if it might better fit.

Sounds like a great idea to me. Best of luck!

I like the way tumblr handles stuff. I would be down to post whatever I figure out. Maybe with some vids.

I’m going to be updating my stuff with footage and everything so hopefully that gets some attention with MvC3

my blog is gonna have daily training room videos. ill post when i update on fb or here =)

Good, I’ll link it through mine as well man

If you want I can participate from the Eastern side of the state - although I’ll probably prefer all of our stuff goes up on my own youtube…

i love my subscribers <3

Pretty much the same here.

I have no objections to starting to open my stuff up to contributors.