NW Player Card Challenge Thread

Yo everybody!

Starting tomorrow night at the AfroDojo, the NW player cards will be available to any and all serious players in the NW.

What I will do, is set up a station devoted to Ranking Card Matches, Money Matches, and/or Casuals.

Use this thread to openly challenge other players in the NW who will also be attending the same event or gathering for your Player Card Rankings.

When you challenge somebody and it gets accepted, I will make a que of matches to be played on the devoted set up.

Remember guys, the goal with this is to eventually challenge and play EVERYBODY else who has asked for a Player Card as well. The more challenges and matches you finish, the further along your real Ranking in the NW will be known to all.

So show up tomorrow to play in a Singles and 2v2 tourney, with Player Matches on the side that will get you your rankings.

If you don’t feel you are ready to challenge a particular player in the community, then don’t rush yourself to challenge other players too hastily. Think about your foe, learn your match ups, and make sure that when you challenge another player that you bring your A game.

Same thing goes to players accepting challenges. Make sure you are ready to be challenged and don’t accept the fight right away if you think you need some time. However, Players will not be allowed to post-pone matches for too long. I will start giving challengers a free win if a player repeatedly turns down an opportunity to player another player on their Ranking Card.

Let the games begin, gentlemen.

Sounds fun/serious/like an ideal ranking system. Is it best 2 out of 3 matches?

I challenge The Future :coffee:

^you’ll be taking your first loss depending on if I show or not.:rofl:

Adon? :wonder:

Bison? :rock:

Eman wins! Flawless victory!

I challenge LTB

I don’t get it - is this a modified ranking chart thing that we already have? I guess all will be explained tomorrow.

I’m thinking what Tanaka means is that you can only have one ranked match on the card per player, so in the end when everything has progressed a long way you end up with what looks like a very fleshed out round robin table (where a player’s personal record against other players would be like one row of the table). Pretty good idea IMO, can definitely give really solid and accurate rankings of everyone as well as showing people what they need to improve against (character-wise or playstyle-wise) personally.


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