NW Regionals - Canada


Yah, this is the Canadian perspective on shit.

1st off, mad thanks to peachy for amazing bracket setup and smooth tourney running, veteru n’ loki for the place to stay overnight…

Everyone was chillz…trinh’s gotta be the most laid back guy in all NW, king n’ everyone was cool in RL and lifetimeboy…fuck, ive eaten sushi less japanese than that guy…

cvs2 was off the hook, that’s the best this turtling game’s ever gonna get…

team tourney was fucking KRAZY…8-8 tie between edmonton (me, fritz, mar and jon) and seattle (vash, peachy, trinh, king) with john clinchy the tiebraker…fucking KRAZY

it’d be tight to see how things woulda turned out with 5v5…lifetimeboy thrown in for seattle and our top 2 (jj/moe) involved…

LTB’s definitely on a whole different level in cvs2, fucking parries!

and mvc2…holy fuck those guys were nuts…

big ups to seattle, good shit…

p.s. where the fuck was that pussy shin contra…bitch ass too scared to show up even for a measly $20? bitch PLEASE…next time you talk shit, and someone drives 15 hours to take you up on it and smack you down in your own back yard, DONT be a fucking pussy. it doesnt look good. beeeeeeyatch


Here are random results and shit that I can remember that the other canucks will care about:

1st - King (seattle)
2nd - John “Lifetimeboy” (seattle)
3rd - Jon “Wolfy” (edmonton/vancouver)
7th - Mar (edmonton)
9th - Mike “Fritz” (edmonton)
9th - Chris F (vancouver)

CVS2 Singles:
1st - John “LifetimeBoy” (seattle)
2nd - King (seattle)
3rd - Mai “Mirage” (edmonton)
4th - Jay “JJJ” (vancouver)
5th - Jon “Wolfy” (edmonton/vancouver)
5th - Trinh “DirtyShin” (seattle)
7th - Mike “Fritz” (edmonton)

CVS2 Team Tourney:
-Team Edmonton (Mirage, Fritz, Mar, Wolfy) vs Team Seattle (VashtheStampede, Peachy, Trinh, King)

  • play was for 10$ a head, LTB agreed to not play because one of etown’s top players (James Jones) fucking backed out at the last second, and the other top player Mahir was busy saving lives or something…
  • Mirage went 2-2, Fritz went 2-2, Mar went 0-4, Wolfy fucking beasted and went 4-0…which led to an even 8-8 and a final tiebreaking match between Wolfy and King, which Wolfy won

1st - Billy (seattle)
2nd - Jon “Wolfy” (edmonton/vancouver)
don’t know the rest…i’m not even sure about these 2 so will correct if im wrong

random personal shit:

  • i had a 41 wins or so unbeaten streak goin on on the ugly casual cvs2 machines…and then Mar came along and beasted me…
  • double r1 chunli OCV in my first 2 cvs2 matches…
  • 1-1 vs King in casual money match
  • 1-0 vs SamB for $1 lol :stuck_out_tongue:
  • got beasted in mvc2 like nobody’s business…but i saw tao beat that stiltman guy really good
  • blanka howl super is too good


GG’s to everyone, man that was the smoothest run tourney ive been to.

The 4v4 was fuckin crazy, pretty tight matches all around.

Thanks to all the seattle guys for being pretty cool and for Veteru and Loki for the place to stay. Everyone was pretty cool, got to meet alot of the online personalities in real life.

I’ll post later, im goin out tonight.


first of all, GG’s to everyone at the NWR, especially to Fritz, Trinh, Mai, and King. nice meeting the edmonton and portland players, and good to see LTB, Peachy, 9TNine, and Veteru again.

Fritz: the most memorable match I had was against you man; that was so close. your roll-cancel is TOO good man. I just hope the match was video taped…

Trinh: GG’s man. we should play more sometime when you come down to vancouver.

Mai: GG’s man except that the 4th place (me) got no prize money, which means the one match I had against you costs $40…lol

King: roll-cancel electricity is EVIL…lol


Nice to see you again too.

Wow, that match had to be the most suspensful match I’ve seen in a long-ass time.



Did we win?


1 pixel of life with .4 seconds left, Wolfy won.

Good shit guys, nice meeting you all, scariest living conditions ever. :stuck_out_tongue: (Killer Instinct for life)


hey edmonton, are you guys still in BC?
give me a call at 604-760-6836 if you are

mai, i still wanna play you for slaps… although it looks like i’ll get no wins on you in cvs2 for like 3 hours or something

and then vice versa in marvel, cuz frankly… lol you suck hahahaha


Hey good showing guys.
Mad props to team Edmonton and the mexican traitor. haha jk Jon

Edit: How badly would I get ruined down in Seattle?


Fritzy actually got 9th. :sweat: Just correcting you, don’t get mad at me. :lol:

Anyway though, I just wanted to say that you guys were hella tight to play against and even more cool to hangout with. Fritz and Wolfy you guys are still as nice as the last time I met you guys, and it was good seeing you guys again. Mai you were really cool and so laid back, too bad Edmonton is so far away because I had a great time playing you guys. Mar you were quiet and laid back as well and it was good to meet you. Keep playing, I saw some good potential in you, and play Rolento. :wink: I don’t remember too well but I don’t think you played him against me.

I had a really good time getting beat down by you guys. I really want to get better and I think the only way is to play people that I dont play often, that way I know how I will do at Evo and stuff. I really want to switch grooves like I said, but this regionals and playing you guys have made me realized that I should just stick with what I know.

Well enough blabbering, good to see all of you and I hope you guys had a great time and we can all play again sometime.


hey peachy, I didn’t have a chance to play s-groove with you… oh well, maybe next time when you come down to vancouver.:slight_smile:



let the good ol’ flames begin!!!

hey seattle! u fucking suck!!


omg bora shut up

quit hiding behind the good etown players


Seriously though Assault, no matter what you guys say all I feel is mad respect for the E-towners that came down. They were hella cool and there were great matches for all of us. We really just wanted to get better and play some people that we don’t always play like every week, and it was much fun doing that this past weekend. I don’t speak for everyone here but I am pretty confident that what I have said is what people are feeling.

Glad to put faces to names, and I am happy that E-town is a part of the Northwest. Good games everyone.


Wow wolfy and fritz leveled up, man too bad I didn’t get to play against you. NWR was tight, so many people.


You can talk shit online but it doesen’t mean much cause when you show up in person, you guys are hella cool!!!

I blame the internet!!


What the fuck is this?!?! How come we’re friends now??



You consider Mai, Jon, Mike, Mar, and Kim your friends right? They’re hella cool guys right? Then why should we not like them after we just met them? They were cool and fun to hangout with, just cause you guys are from Edmonton and not from wherever I (or anyone else) is from doesn’t mean we have to not like each other. That is just stupid and childish. LTB’s right, I blame the internet aswell! :stuck_out_tongue: It blinds us from how people really are.



i guess this kills whatever flaming that will exist in the NW now… :frowning:

sooo… who’s next to flame?:lol: :evil:

good jobs to everyone in the NW seattle, bc, and etown… good shit… :cool:



I still hate toronto.


yah we can always flame the EC