NW ST:HD Remix Thread

Since the beta just got released on Xbox 360, I think it’s time that we have a thread dedicated to this game.

For starters, here’s a couple videos:



Note: I uploaded the raw files so the HQ version is also viewable.

I’m enjoying it so far, even with just Ryu and Ken. It’s the fastest version of ST yet!

Thoughts? Opinions?

Have fun, my friend.

Are you playing Gerald in that video?

Add me: MixMasterP2k3

I throw people, because my life depends on it.

I will juggle you with Ken’s Strong Dragon Punch for half life.

Frank - Yeah, we were playing Gerald over XBL (Me, Fatbear, Mackinzie, Tau, Arcadiaus)

Fun times.

I couldn’t post just video #1, that wouldn’t be fair =P

they will fix the speed. Im suprised they didn’t realize that juggle was going tohappen. especially since, i posted that it was going to happen just like a day after sirlin announced they were making all the hits of the dps knockdown… I think the game looks super ugly, and would rather just play regular st, but whatever, we shall see how it goes when it makes it out of development.

Here’s an entertaining video from CigarBob vs Sirlin and others:


Double Donkey Punch at 4:00 exactly.

Hooray for good netcode. The rewind is a takes some getting used to. It’s weird when you see your dragon punch hit the other guy but then it rewinds and he throws you. But this game has some real potential. It’s too bad Ken is so broken in the beta. Hopefully they’ll push out an update in the next few weeks and fix Ken. Maybe we’ll get another character too!

-Sam ‘fatbear’ Y

I am very optomistic about Remix, but it worries me a bit when only two characters are released in a beta, and one of them is ALREADY ridiculously broken.

The tournament mode is pretty tight to me, the 8 mans go pretty fast since everyone is playing at the same time. It’s also tight to see the life meters of the other matches while waiting on your next match. Maybe they should add when someone has a super or not. Oh and replays would be totally awesome.

You have to keep in mind the ridiculous submission process Microsoft has for XBLA games, I imagine this beta had to be submitted to them at least two full months ago

I’m sure it was found and removed long before the beta was released

That’s why they have betas, yo. I read somewhere that the game had hooks on it to allow patching.

Let’s hope. But shit, yo.

There is still classic.

this game is all right but i already mastered it so its not so fun anymore.

Every time I try to join a game my xbox completely freezes. If I create a game no one ever joins.

The graphics look like ass, they really do. It’s soooo cheesy!!

But, this is a beta and I have confidence this game will play pretty well in the end. I can look past the cheesy graphics if that’s the case.

Custom match search then jumping in a room almost always freezes, but quick match very rarely does.

I’ve played this game a ton, starting to get a feel for how ST works. At least against Ken and Ryu anyway :slight_smile: I’m screwed when all the characters come out. But it’s pretty nice, I can see why ST is so highly regarded.

Reversals are hard as hell to do for some reason, that’s probably my biggest weakness. I need to give those piano input dealies a try.

Anyway, I’m digging it. Anyone wants to play I’m on in the evenings a lot.

You guys should add me on xbl. Virsaga is obviously my GT but i don’t play SF on xbl except SF turbo. I mainly play GoW

I will add you guys next time I sign on. Good shit.