NW Xbox live:

I’m pretty sure this was probably made at some point a while ago. But I want to know who out there has it, and what games they play, set up games to play against each other blah blah blah. So here we go:

Gamertag: Frankdadank1
Games: Burnout Revenge, All pro football 2k8, and that joust game that came with the xbox live stuff. Discuss.

Gamertag : We Live In Mr E

Games : Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, and coming out soon Fatal Fury I’ll be on that for sure.

gamer tag: Wenzelsaurus

games: I play HF every once in a while. Mostly I just use my 360 for xbl marketplace though.

gamertag: Kuromimi
Games: bomberman live and street fighter 2 hyper fighting(sometimes)

AG Virsaga

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, HF II, GoW and a few others

Gamertag: Ic3N1n3

Random Live Arcade games, GoW, game that rhymes with Talo Hree. Honestly I don’t really play games as much as I used to, but I’m down to play if someone sends me a game invite.

^Do you go to zach’s often or something? I know you’ve posted here forever, but I’ve only played you like once at gw.

My gamertag is like duncan idaho87 or some shit. I’m not on often but might start being on there more soon. I’ll pretty much play anything anyone is into, but I don’t really do sports/racing games.

Right now, I’ve only got crackdown and vegas.

Yea I go to Zach’s every time unless I’m out of town. Not a fan GW cabs and huge rotations.

Tag: Zig21

I play Gears, Madden and Vegas, but my connection isn’t very good right now.

Should be in my profile…

I play random XBL games when I have time, and get shot in Halo. zachdms


I play Geometry Wars. That’s pretty much it.

I’ll probably pick up Halo 3 when I can convince myself that it’s okay to get destroyed in that game.

I’m about to try to go through some of the campaigns in Halo 3. If anybody wants to help me out co-op style, that’d be awesome. I SUCK at Halo. :lol: