NWM '09 Loan Thread


Hey everyone. Thanks to everyone who has begun posting up equipment in the NWM thread about things they are willing to bring. We absolutely need community support to make this happen, and there is a lot of equipment that we are going to need. If there is anything you can contribute, no matter how small, please post up about it.

To keep it organized, this is going to be the new thread for posting up about equipment and keeping it all organized. So to start off, here is a list of the bare minimum of what we will need just to run the tournament. As we begin to meet this quota, we can start to focus on filling out the casuals area so that everyone can always be playing throughout the day.

SF4 is officially set for 360 and is not changing, along with ST:HD. For now, all next-gen tournament games are set to be played on the 360. PS3s are still welcome but will be used for casual set-ups. If there is enough demand by a majority of registered players for specific games to be on another system, we can consider changing it for that game.

Tournament List

16 TV’s - To make sure everything runs on schedule, we are going to need at least 8 set-ups running at all times for each game. 8 TV’s will be on each side of the room running games, for 16 total. 22 inch TV’s are preffered for tournament screens.
(8 of these TV’s must be non-HD for games like 3rd Strike and Melee to prevent lag.)

8 X-Box 360s (Loaded with ST:HD/ SF4 Saves) - 360 and Non-360 games will be staggered in the schedule so that we will only need 8 X-BOX’s to run games throughout the day. They must have ST:HD, and all SF4 characters unlocked. Colors/Costumes unlocks preffered but not neccesary.

8 PS2’s- For Guilty Gear, and 3rd Strike.

8 Gamecube/Wii’s (With Melee characters unlocked) - I or anyone else who wants to can talk to the Smash community to organize on this. I am also trying to get a Brawl side tourney set-up and run by someone in the community so they have more incentive to come.

8 Dreamcasts - For MVC2 on TDC2. We can’t be sure about the port yet, and it fits well into the schedule to have this on Dreamcast. EVO is using the Dreamcast and everyone still has Dreamcast sticks, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but we may be able to have it on 360 if people prefer. We can wait and see before making a final decision.

8 Street Fighter 4 Discs

8 BlazBlue Discs - Anyone familiar with or part of the Dustloop community please talk to them about this.

8 King of Fighters XII Discs

8 Gulity Gear: Accent Core Plus Discs - Anyone familiar with or part of the Dustloop community please talk to them about this. It is important that they be Accent Core Plus.

8 Super Smash Bros: Melee Discs-

8 Street Fighter Anniversary Discs (3rd Strike)

8 TDC2 Discs - For Marvel.

Other Equipment

2 Projectors- For display finals and important matches from each tournament

2 Projector Screens

RCA Cables- For connecting to projectors/capturing equipment.

1 Sound System (Speakers, Mixer, Microphone) - Frank is working on this at the moment, but any other loans or suggestions are helpful.

12-14 Power Strips- These are going to be neccesary so that we can get multiple set-ups going around 1 outlet on the tournament floor and in the casuals area.

Recording Equipment- From direct capture to hard drives and video cameras, anything to record matches and the event itself is hugely imporant. RayBlade has a lot of ideas on the best ways to go about this, and he is looking for some volunteers to make it happen. If your interested, post up in the NWM Planning Thread and we can get planning it.

Miscellanous- Important stuff, but doesn’t quite fit a category.

Pens - I will buy a box of these the day before.
Registration Lists
Pre-Seeded Printed Brackets- Seeding will be started and completed a week before the tournament. So register early.
Paper Brackets- For day of registers. They get no gauranteed seeding.
Clipboards- 1 dollar a piece for plain quality clipboards at Wal-Mart. I will give in at that price.
Stapler/Paper Clips
Hand Truck/Dolly- For moving large TV’s or other neccesary equipment.
Blue Painters Tape- For Marking equipment. Painters tape comes right off without leaving residue.
Markers and Black Sharpees- For writing on the tape.
Money Box- For Day of Registrations. I have the one that Paul Lee bought and donated last year. Thanks Paul.
Signs/Numbers for Tournament Stations- We will be numbering tournament stations this year, as well as the casual area for better organization.
Signage/Display for Tournament/Room Rules- No Fighting, etc.


Name Badges?- I thought these were great at EVO. I do not know how much bandaleirs or the printing would cost.


I am still looking into tables and pricing. If anyone has anyone tables they can bring for casual set-ups that are sturdy and reliable, they will work great. I am going for uniformity with tournament setup tables (preferable lower ones), so those will be rented, but casual set-ups will work great with anything as long as it is reliable and easy to move.

If anyone has any suggestions or sees anything I left out, please post up immediately! The sooner we know the better.

If you have anything you are willing to bring, please post up and we can start to get an accurate count. I will update this first post with what we have and what we need as people post up with equipment. Thanks! :tup:


What I can bring as of right now.

2 22" Non-HD TV’s
1 X-Box 360- All Characters Unlocked, ST:HD
1 SF4 for X-Box 360
1 PS2
2 Power Strips


I can bring copies of both KOF XII and Blazblue for ps3.


I can bring:
20" (Maybe bigger) non-Hd tv I can bring.
1 Xbox360
1 PS3
1 SF4 for 360

Let me know if you need any of this stuff Brent.

P.s. Making a list with peoples names next to the items will help us all keep on track while you update the first post. :slight_smile:


I can bring:

1x 360 system
1x 360 SFIV game
2x Power strips


I can bring

1x gamecube
1x 360 SFIV
1x ps3 SFIV
1x 360 Blazblue
1x (probably) tv [crt]

I don’t have a save for melee on the gamecube so someone would need to supply a memory card.

Also, my 360 lacks STHD, but I have all characters unlocked in SFIV and most of the costumes.


I can bring AC+, KoFXII (360), 360 with HDR on it. (No SF4 save.), PS2

Correction. I have a Partial SF4 save. With everyone but Gouken and Seth unlocked.


Sorry for the double post. But this is a bit different subject then me loaning stuff.

I’m pretty sure that the guys who are planning on being neck deep in Blazblue are planning on PS3 for themselves. I’m not sure if the 360 copies for Blazblue will be sufficient for running it. Just a concern of mine.


I forgot to add, I’ll be bringing 2 card tables (Sturdy enough to hold a system and a 22" nonHD CT TV) and a Nice Desk style table which can hold the weight for 40 virgins aka a LARGE TV and a system.


I’ll bring:
1 360
1 copy of sfiv (all costumes/colors, and sthdr on hd)
1 32" hd TV


I can bring my

  • 360 with HDR and SF4 save.
  • SF4 for 360
  • PS2 w/ Anniversary.

Because saves and downloads are an issue, it might make sense to label systems when they come in. So in addition to the name of the owner, they’d also list which games they were tournament-ready for.


Hey grant, don’t forget to check if your dreamcast works.


ill check how much i get power strips for if there cheap i could probably get all 14


Hey Vince, I responded to your posthere in the planning thread.

Good Shit Grant. That is a great idea.

By the way, how’s your Dreamcast doing?


I can loan a DC with Marvel and VMU, a 360 (with HDR no patch though lol), a SFIV, and I think that’s it for what we need I guess.


PS3 Se Stick with sanwas
Dreamcast with Marvel 2

hopefully I get the ok from the brother since he co-owner of it too
and good vega match today Brent


We’ll get that HDR patched.

Good Games Man and nice Vega.

Right now we can’t include this because we can only take loans that are absolutely confirmed. Unless you can say for sure you can bring it, we can’t include it in the count. The current plan is also to have it on 360, so it won’t be for tournament, but I am sure there are some Tekken players who would love to throw down in casuals on a PS3, so bring it anyways and we can get a set-up going! :tup:


ok yea i can get the power strips. they have 6 outlets each how many do u want me to get? oh and rca cables too. how many? and how long?


One for every outlet would be ideal. We will probably need around 16-20. I will talk to RayBlade about RCA cables and recording, but we will need at least 2 reasonably long ones that can stretch from a setup to a projector. I can get RCA connectors if we just want to have multiple ones connected to make a long one.


I have a dreamcast that hasn’t been turned on in five years.