NWM 2009 Video Thread

Post your NWM 2009 videos here.

For starters, here’s my link:


I will need help naming some (if not most) of the matches being played. If you know the players in any given match, please leave a comment and I’ll make corrections.

I will upload all videos in their purest form )for best quality), so it’ll take awhile for everything to be posted. The average file size for each video is about 300mb and I have around 15gigs of video (not 30GB as previously mentioned).

Edit: I’ll upload everything in number order, to keep things simple. Starting with KOF12 and ending with SF3. SF4 has the most matches total.

let me know when kyle vs frank is uploaded.

I’ll be uploading the money match i had with jeff tomorrow. got work tonight =[

When making corrections, please post a reply here with info, or post a comment in the video comments section.

Please use this format too:

Player 1 (Name) (Character) vs Player 2 (Name) Character) - Match progress/type


BBH (Bison) vs Zass (Bison) - Loser’s Final 1

I’ve got a couple matches up. So far, just the MB:AA side team tourney finals though. My only other videos are a couple of low tier matches in MvC2 that will be up shortly.


I have almost two hours of marvel footage. Just need to upload it. Zach, I can pass along all the AVIs along to you one of these days too if you want them for your own collection.

Thanks Ray for always taking care of video and doing a ton of work for setup and uploading! Greatly appreciated!

AHHHH!!! Dammit Ray you beat me to it! Damn me and my decisions to go get food.

Alright, anyways, right now I have the SF4 Finals between AIR and ScrubyDan uploaded now.


Right now all files are in medium quality because the internet at my hotel SUCKS and if I tried to upload HD it would take upwards of an hour per 3 min vid. I’ll have HD stuff though so don’t worry about it.

Right now I’m uploading Losers finals of SF4 between Jason Cole and Scrubydan

That first match has to be Brian Ma. No one airthrows with Zangeif as much as Brian Ma.

That Melty Blood team tournament was also almost a 20 man round robin tournament. The organizer came up to me and asked if he could do a 20 man RR and I said “NO!”

Who is that asian guy with the sick mohawk? I think I have his name but I want to make sure I do not butcher it when I upload it. I think he is old school and still pretty damn good at marvelz.

Just an update. Losers Finals in SF4 between Cole and Scrubydan have been uploaded. Losers Semis between Cole and King are uploading as we speak.

I wonder how annoying the intro to Sandstorm will be after all my vids…~ponders~

that’s steven my cousin. he was wearing the blue mazda tshirt …

Word thanks. Does he have an SRK user name too?

Steven’s handle is Thummyken, I believe. At least, that’s what he registered under. I think he resides in Blake’s old stomping grounds of Skyway.

he said he used to have a handle on srk but somehow forgot what it was but he usually goes under the name of thummyuken. He doesn’t really follow srk but he usually finds out stuff from me. O_O i’ll let him know.

Even with it being a team tourney, Melty Blood side tourney still took 5 hours to complete XD.

Cool man thanks. I only have one match of his, but I figured I get the right info. Marvel is serious! But yeah, should have asked him about his 7. Noticed the rotary engine on his shirt.

yeah, he has it sitting in his garage right now… i don’t know the current status of his rx but i know it runs.

Just an update so you guys know what I have uploaded now.


Grand Finals between AIR and ScrubyDan
Losers Finals between Cole and Dan
Losers Semis between Cole and King
Losers Quarters between Rowtron and King
Bracket Play between Deezo and King.

I apologize about the quality but will try to get the HD recordings up ASAP.

Matches coming up soon…matches with Mickey D and matches with Paul Lee

the quality is not that bad

KOF 12 - Lord BBH vs. X20ASTRIKEFREEDOM - Winner’s Finals
[media=youtube]Baclub0iCeE&feature=channel_page[/media] - 1
[media=youtube]ts_r8ZOX10w&feature=channel_page[/media] - 2
[media=youtube]X6oUSGxvgXM&feature=channel_page[/media] - 3
[media=youtube]oh8WEnCrP40&feature=channel_page[/media] - 4