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Get hype and spread hype!

ryu - http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/7349/nwmdn0.png

sent - http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/3365/nwm2zv9.png

roll - http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/6763/nwm3rollie8.png

magneto - http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/2592/nwm4magsco5.png

Sure brent, I can make a guile one. Maybe I’ll use CvS2 guile just to cover that game? looks for sprites

Hella tight!

In 4 1. Good job OP.

What font is that? I want to make my own, something wtih my face on it. Unless someone wants to make one for me.

Ha. I was going to PM you and “DAN, get on that Sentinel Avatar!”

Color edited me some magnetoz.

The font is “04b08” a pixel font from dafont, I use size 12, setting “strong” with a 1 to 2 pixel “stroke” border around it. :tup:

I’ma make a guilty gear one or two now.

Shit Elias. Those are so tight people who aren’t even coming should start using them.

Maybe this is too much to ask, but any chance of a prem size? This is how we do it in the LBC.

Ey, I gotta get ready to work, I can resume this later. Yes, I can make a premium one but I might as well make a completely new one. You have a preferred character in mind?

That magnus one in prem would be nice, but do not worry it is all good in the hood.

my choices and im willing to wait - Seahawks colored Juggernaut, ST Zangief, SVC Shin Mr Karate, or Orlok from Universe At War he is the Heiarchy’s Assult Hero unit = very badass

Upload the PSD file, and then we can make our own nice and easy!

Or whatever kind of file it is. Up it! I cannot be bothered to put text and a border on my own two layers of graphics by myself. It is too hard, and I am very busy.

what is a PSD file? Photoshop correct?


Black Sentinel’s nice and all, but it’s played out. I’m wanting me some of “dat mango Sentinaaal.”

Fuck the Nicks, man!

Fuck the Nicks.

You can get my recreation here:

Dump in a video game sprite, a crazy background, and you’re good to go!

EDIT: Like so. Am I doin’ it right?

I think everyone should take the date out of their NWM avatars due to what’s going on with the date switch. It’d be better as not to confuse people who are interested in coming. After all, the last I saw, no one updated the tourney events thread with the recent revelation.

I have to check tommorow to see if we can switch to June 28th. If we can’t, we will just have to have it on May 25th and possibly take a hit on the out of town crowd.

I just don’t want to switch the date more then once, as even switching it once looks amatuer and like we don’t have our event under control.

By tommorow at 10 or so, we will have a definite date.

So everyone needs to clear up their schedules, and check shit ahead of time, because we have two and possibly three months to make plans, and after this date switch it is on for good.

Anyone who reads this please check tonight and post in the NW Majors Thread if there is any reason that June 28th won’t work.

Also posted in main thread.

I made this, because I suck at PS.


I am sure this could be easily used for a definitive NWM Logo. I was bored.