NWM Housing Thread

As of right now, Zach’s the only person that’s known to be housing people that are travelling here. I think the posts that have been made regarding housing have been quickly buried by other posts so I figured I would make this thread so that we can get an understanding of who can house. Needless to say this event is gaining more interest than we thought it would and that’s a good thing so yeah, let’s build off that. The last post from the tourney events thread was from Chunksta and that was a couple days ago with him asking who could house him.

Who else can (and are willing to) host? Post up! I can’t as I live at my Dad’s =/.

Deezo! Your the man!

Sorry I can’t host.

I think I’m basicaly full at this point, but I don’t have 100% confirmations from anyone yet.

My tentative plan is to get a hotel for a few nights around UW. The tournament is the day after my birthday, so maybe I’ll make my parents pay for it.

I could potentially house one person on my couch (or if people were super desperate I guess there’s floor space). I can’t really even confirm if I’m going home after, but if there’s a portland buddy that’s traveling alone and doesn’t have a place to stay/doesn’t wanna make the drive after, I can probably help 'em out. I live north (not much from UW though) of Seattle though.

If someone wants to be far away from seattle i can house i guess.

I can house 2 out of state Tekken Players. I live about 45min away from SEA. Please contact by email to make arrangements. john_odon_@hotmail.com

I have a place for tekken players from out of state. i’m hoping to have alot of washington tekken players at my place the day before the tourney for some fun and games. i live very close to campus since im a student. note this is probably just a place on the floor to pass out since my place is gonna (hopefully) filled with tekken players and i doubt anyone will sleep that much the night before haha.

contact me if ur interested.

Id let drew sleep on the other couch that i dont live on, if he gives me back my indiana jones dvds


Ian Jones: In The Search Of His Indiana Jones DVD’s

if i have to i will sleep in my car and whoever else can too providing the don’t mind the passenger seat hopefully you are a korean girl too >.>

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding Korean Girls in Seattle.

^^aint that the truth…

man… maybe i should just move up there sleep on the pier and wait for my fob’s to float in =)

so anyone can house cvs2 players?..lol

edit: I play hnk too if that helps~

Hey JJJ bring Tao and the others and I’ll find you guys housing lol!

other guys don’t need any housing since they go and come back on the same day…lol

OK then, Lemme ask around for you keep on asking here but I’ll ask also! Who’s coming besides you to the tourney though do you know? Oh yeah I’m looking forward to seeing you represent in CVS2 eh?

let’s see… dan, peter, jesse, dinur, and tim so far. not sure about tao and sal…lol only dan and I need housing I think, and it would be nice if the person who houses us can play cvs2 (or hnk) too…:party: I guess I asked too much…lol

OK J I cleared it with my folks and you can crash at my house for the night! I don’t play much CVS2 but I will be willing to play alot if you and Dan are here! So just lemme know soemtime closer to the date of NWM if that’s cool with you eh?