NWM Loan Thread

Yo Everyone.

NWM needs your help! :woot:

Loaning Sticks, DC, PS2, Converters for the event will be helpful.

Anything will do at the current moment.

Keep checking this thread for updates!

Thanks everyone!

Updated 05/06/08- Post #76

Here’s what the equipment list looks like right now. We’ll be able to figure out more precisely what we need once we get the pre-reg done. I am assuming this is what we will need if we get around a 150 person turnout, with somewhere between 40-60 people per games.

  • Dreamcasts- We have 9 loaned! One more couldn’t hurt but we definetely have enough for the tourney.

  • PS2s- We have 10! That should be great for running the tourney! Thanks to everyone who’s donating.

  • 360s- We have 2. Probably going to need around 4-5 more. Not sure how big the VF5 turnout will be. Don’t want to underestimate though.

  • TVs- We have 12 loaned. Huge thanks to Digital Watches, coming through with 3 TV’s! We want to have 16 at the very least, and preferably 20. We are getting close.

  • Converters- We have 5 loaned. We want to have 8-10 preferably, but hopefully people who aren’t loaning there’s offcially may still bring their own.

  • Sticks- SpicyCurryBread is loaning 3 Happ sticks and Digital Watches is bringing at least 1, maybe 2 TV’s. I am bringing a PS2 pad. We probably want to have 2 Dreamcast pads and 2 PS2 pads, and that should be enough. People should be supplying their own sticks.

  • Rented Equipment from UW- We’ll figure this out as time get closer.

  • 3rd Strike Discs- We have 7 discs loaned from Elias, Keith and Mandel, UweTheUnderdog, Digital Watches, Virsaga and Mackinzie. We probably want at least one more, and it would be nice to have 1 for every PS2.

  • Guilty Gear: AC Discs- We have 8 loaned! That should be enough. Guilty Gear people are really reping for their game. We need at least 2 more, and any others would be good to have to if people wanted to bring them. GG may get a huge turnout.

  • VF5 Discs- We have 3. Probably want around 3 more.

  • CVS2 Discs- We have 1. Digital Watches has it loaded on the PS2 that he will be bringing. Probably want about 5 more.

  • Other- Things we need like extension cords and camera’s. and anything else without a category.

Elias- bringing something that lets us hookup multiple systems to a TV easily. Sounds like an AV splitter.
RayBladeX- Bringing an AV splitter and a DVD recorder to directly burn DVD’s of matches.
Axel- Bringing his cabinet.
Julien (Zass)- Bringing his cab if he can get people to help move it.
Digital Watches- Bringing a Laptop to run Brackets. Also bringing 2 Power strips which should really help.
Pablo- Van for moving things and cardboard boxes.

Everyone needs to pony up $2 for ST next time and we can add that fund to a pot for NWM.

I think the word “donate” needs to get replaced with “loan,” and people need to know that this is about equipment for the tournament.

I’ve got 4 EMS PS2->DC adapters I’ll happily lend to the cause.

1 EMS PS2>DC Adapter
1 DC
1 PS3
1 TV

Same shit I brought to RSWS

2 DC’s

1 DC
Unlimited copies of Marvel and TDC

Not sure what else I might be contributing by that time…

Right now I have 2 custom happ sticks and 2 custom japanese sticks I can loan, and hopefully will have more by the time it rolls around. I’ll probably also be able to get some replacement buttons and be able to do stick repair.

So what’s the parking sitch? Stuff I have depends on if I’m driving. I’m a very inventive parking spot finder when it comes to Seattle, but not if I have to carry my TV I’m not.

Don’t mean to derail the thread. But since Mech asked, here’s the parking info on UW. I guess if you use one of the on campus lots on a Saturday, parking will cost you $5 if you get there between 7AM and noon. Even though the event will run from noon to 10PM, it’s probably a good idea to get there prior to noon if you’ll be playing in the early tournaments. Since MvC2 and possibly 3s will most likely be the last tournaments of the day, you might be able to get away with showing up after 12PM if those are the only events that interest you.

The Walker-Ames room if on the second floor of Kane Hall, overlooking red square. Going by this map, if you click the pink-ish splotch toward the middle of the map, that’s red square. Kane hall is the building in the north-by-northeast corner of red square. The most convinient parking spot for this particular event will most likely be the central plaza parking garage directly below red square. It’s labeled as C2-5 (C1 is restricted to faculty and staff) on the map, and can be accessed from what is marked as “gate 1” on the map at 15th AVE and 41st. If you park there, elevators will bring you up in Odegaard Library.

If you prefer to park above ground, lots N1 and N5 by the Burke Museum (nor th of Kane) work fine. You would be able to walk to Kane in under 5 minutes.

If you’re carpooling and have a ton of equipment to drop off, approach Kane Hall from the north via Memorial Way. You can see a roundabout just to the north of Kane were you can conveniently pull in and have you grunts unload gear.

If you’re gonna show up before noon and absolutely abhor paying for parking, you can park on-street a few blocks west or north of campus. On Saturdays, these spots might not be as hard to find.

Great Info Keith. The event will actually start at 1:00. We just have the room reserved starting at 12. So that means everyone who is setting up will be able to arrive at 12 with the equipment so we can set up, and they won’t have to worry about paying for parking.

Cool cool, thanks guys. :tup: I’ve got a TV I’ll probably bring, along with my pelican thing where you can hook up like 8 systems at once and switch between with the proper button. I can’t even figure out how to hook a system directly into my main TV. Instead of a red, yellow, and white port - there’s 4 red, 4 white, 3 yellows. :lol:

I have a TV at Zach’s that I will bring. Also, I will have access to the mexi-van. We can take out the seats, and load it full of crap.

**So I made a list of all the stuff that I think we are going to need and that I know we already have. The numbers may change depending on how many people we expect to come and how many register for one game, but this is assuming we get between 100-150 people and around 30-50 people per game.

Equipment that we know is needed-**

General- Stuff we will need that is not game related.

-Tables- The building will supply all the tables we could need.
-Chairs- They will also supply all the chairs.
-Sound System- We will have one microphone hooked up to a room sound system. Should be all we need.
-TVs- I would prefer to have close to 20. They need to be nice enough quality to provide a clear picture (I say this only because I have 2 TV?s I could bring, but 1 is way to fuzzy.)
-Extension Cords- This will be important in saving us a lot of grief with set up.
-Projectors and Screens- Can be borrowed from the school by UW students. Probably won?t need many unless we don?t get enough TV?s.

Consoles- We can flesh it out more precisely once we can estimate how many people are coming through pre-reg, and once the people in charge of brackets estimate the times it will take to get through the games.

-Dreamcasts- I think we should probably have between 12-16 at the event, in case some break, and so we can have a large but manageable number of matches going at one time.
-PS2s- Same number, 12-16. I know we don?t have to worry about them crashing, but running CVS2, 3S and GG will go will go faster with more consoles.
-X-Box 360s- Only need them for VF5, so probably around 6-8.
-PS3s- Same as 360, 6-8. Only needed for Tekken.


-TAS Disks- Will cover Marvel and ST. We should have at least one for every Dreamcast we bring, so right now, that means 12-16.
-Guilty Gear AC- Once for Every PS2.
-Tekken 5:DR- These must be preloaded onto the PS3s.
-Virtua Fighter 5- One for every 360.
-CVS2- One for every PS2.
-3S- One for every PS2.

Cameras- This is almost a whole other part of planning. So someone who wants to do this and knows how, feel free to take charge. I think it is safe to say that Preppy will want to help with it, but I don?t just want to assume or assign it to him without asking. Even if you don?t have a camera, we may need tri-pods.

Converters- A lot of people already offering to help with this, so that is great. :tup: I don?t know anything about them, so someone else needs to be in charge of making sure we get what we need.

Sticks- Spicy has offered to help out with this like a champion. Having a few sticks for people to use, and someone to help fix sticks when needed (again, thanks Spicy) will really help the tournament be great.

Pads?- I know Sytha plays GG on a PS2 controller, so it might be good to have one or two pads around just in case.

Water?- The Walker Ames Room?s fatal flaw is that it gets really hot. There is only one drinking fountain in the building, right outside the door. Anyone think water would be good? Just and idea; not really a necessity. We will have all the doors open and the fans going to try to keep a constant breeze.

Thats all I can think of for now. If you I missed something, post up and I will edit the list.

To make sure that we actually have the equipment on the day of the tournament, we are going to check in with everyone who offered to donate two weeks before the tournament to make sure you are coming, can still bring your stuff and that it still works. If you could pm either me or Tempest with your phone number or email, that would help, or we can just PM you to confirm instead. We would also like to collect and label by owner as much stuff as possible the night before, so we can be sure that we will have it, but it is fine if you would just rather bring it yourself.

A huge thanks to everyone who is willing to help. :woot:

We will get a list up soon telling everyone exactly how much is still needed.

Water would be an amazing idea, if you ask me. I’m not a soft drink fan so when I’m thirsty and out, I get kinda frustrated because buying bottled water is a fucking ridiculous ripoff. I can’t believe that shit costs just as much as the soda. Anyway, bulk bottled water would work, or so could those water dispensers you get with a giant 5 gallon thing of water, and dixie cups. Either way I like the idea a lot.

I would definetly go with the bulk water dispenser.

Word. I might still have one (or two!) of those bottles from when I used to have one in my room ( :lol: Don’t ask, I like water!) and it’s cheap to go to the grocery store and fill 'er up. If we just get the dispenser it’d be gravy. :tup:

I am in for a TV and a PS2 with one controller.

Water dispensers are a genius idea, I bought like nine sodas at Random Select, effectively canceling out my prize winnings :rofl:

as for equipment, I’ll bring my DC and my stick, which anyone who isn’t a grimey mofo is free to use, as long as they aren’t playing against me

I recently extracted the english ST from TDC2, replaced the music with the uncompressed tracks(which surprisingly, sound noticeably better), and burnt it to its own disc
I’ll bring a few for the tournament so we can all enjoy better sound :smiley:

I’m also planning on borrowing my cousin’s van and lugging my arcade cabinet there, what game I put in is up to you guys (unless Beasley doesn’t bring his cabinet, in which case it will be ST for sure)

edit: I PMed you my phone number too, Brent

I made a updated list last week, but I left it at home. :xeye: So I will get that up as soon as I can get back to it.

Since we are now going to do CVS2 on PS2, that means that half of the games are going to be played on Playstation, so we are going to need about 6-8 PS2’s, preferably 8, to make this run smoothly because we are going to need them all day, back to back.

The list went a little something like this, but with actual information under the categories and names of who was donatiing.

TDC Disks (Marvel, ST)- Jamie is taking care of all of these.
Virtua Fighter 5 Disks
CVS2 Disks
3rd Strike Disks
Guilty Gear Disks
Sticks and Pads- (SpicyCurryBread has offered to help with this)
Rented Equipment from UW- Projectors, Screens
Neccesary Equipment- Extension Cords, RCA Cables
Miscellaneous- Water, Arcade Cabinets

A lot of those categories are completely empty, especially the game disk categories.

I will update with some actual HELPFUL information once I can get my list, but I just wanted to float the thread to keep people from forgetting about it.

Edit- Forgot about converters and sticks.