NWM Training in Versis Lake oswego

so far i have collected 3 CRT’s they are all pretty small though
2 13’‘
1 12’’

the two 13’’ tv’s will be H2H
the third tv have whatever system the H2H doesn’t have on it

we also have Tekken DR and VF5 set up NOT TO MENTION there is a brawl tournament going on that day i don’t know what time yet though but…

it is also going to be a special rate at versis tomorrow 1$ an hour till midnight and after midnight it will be lock down but we can still play i will text everyone i know how to get a hold of but the games that we’ll be playing are.

3s (obviously)
and VF5

also i have an account for the store if anyone wants to play some matches online with us from seattle or what have you on VF shoot me a message on XBL VersisMackinzie (original eh?)

oh yeah too important to forget.

395 N State Ave.
lake oswego idk the zip Oregon

Feel free to roll in at anytime but i hope to have everyone there before 10 pm c.c;


chanchai will make himself available for VF5 tonight if anyone wants to play