NWM3 (TP6) - It is still possible


So Duggish, Riki-Oh, Gimpyfish and I met about 2 weeks ago to talk about SF in general and NWM3…

Unfortunately the information back and forth has been really slow…

SO what I need to know is does the community want NWM3 to happen??

Here are the basics of what was discussed:
Venue: Seattle Center is an option, GameClucks is an option. I am open to
other options.
Entry Fee: $25 for first game + $10 per game you enter after the 1st
The $25 will be split between Venue Fee and entry for 1st game. How that $25
breaks down exactly will depend on the cost of the venue.
Prize Pools: Based on entries for the most part. But I have been told that we could
expect about 100+ SSF4 players so ~$10 x 100 = ~$1000 prize pool
Would be same sort of set up for other games assuming $10 entry.
As we got registrations, I would attempt to guarantee some prizes
Date Of Event: August 21st and 22nd 2010
1 or 2 day depends on what venue and its cost a little bit.
Games: SSF4 + Brawl. Beyond that nothing locked down.
Tekken6? MvC? BB? GG? I dont know… What games do we need?

Issues to Solve ASAP:
Venue: We should have had this booked already. A venue will be roughly
$750-$1000 per Day. We can save some money on that by using GameClucks, but
honestly, for whatever reason, the SF community does not like GC even though
the vast majority have not been to it. GC has a record of being the MOST
SUCCESSFUL tournament operation in Washington State history and maybe
even the West Coast. So this hang up boggles my mind. GC is a LOT less then
any other venue and has better internet.
THAT SAID GC is a little small for 150ish ppl… but with the 10x20 tent and
some good organization, it is manageable and it is cheaper then Seattle Center.
Time To Organize: We are running short on time and my options for weekends
are quickly diminishing. I have the GC/TP Schedule made out through Feb 2011.
I do not have many open weekends. In order to get OOSers to this, we need
a date and solid organization planned ASAP. With Supercon the weekend before
and MLG the weekend after, August is not a good month now… But Sept is not
good either as school starts again. We needed this on the calendar a month ago
to give ppl options and fight for attendance from Supercon.
Costs: Most of this is determined by Venue, once I know we are doing
this, I can get the numbers worked out in a matter of hours.
Games: What are we playing?? Do we have set ups? GC has 12 TVs and
8 360s. 5 of these TVs will be needed for a diff GC event on the 21st, and
if we do Brawl at this also (mind you that is 20-40 more attendies to split the
venue fee with) they will need 5 or 6 TVs also… which means the GC TVs
are basically used, but I still have 360s if we can find TVs.
Sponsors: I can work on this. I can promote this as a TourneyPlay event to my
sponsors and maybe get some things rolling.

Who Am I and Why Me:
I am GC Guy (Chris). I have been doing this for 5 years. I have run over 200 tournaments in 5 years some as large as 500 players and 200+ spectators plus over 8000 on live stream. I own GameClucks. I own TourneyPlay. I have not been that involved in the SF Community because of some stigma stuck on some of the SF Communities mind from things about GC that were 2 years before I owned it (so 7 year old history!!!). Talk to the Halo and Smash communities though… I am asked by Smashers to fly around the US running events. I do not even play the game, and they want me at their events. I have written a blog series about how to run events. I am known throughout the Halo community for running tournaments.
While the above paragraph seems more like a brag-blog, that is not the point of it. I can run tournaments, regardless of the game. I have the organizational skills to set this up and get it running. I own a company that runs tournaments.

So my question to the SF Community… is there enough interest to do this?
I am willing to work my ass off to make this event successful, but honestly, I need answers and responses ASAP on this, as I have to get working to do it and I need commitments. I can have a Pre-Reg page up in a day or two to start collecting money to pay for this to organize it and pay the deposit on the venue and such.


information has been slow because of evo! let’s REALLY get on this again guys =D

i’ll talk to you off the boards soon chris


information has been slow because of evo! let’s REALLY get on this again guys =D

i’ll talk to you off the boards soon chris


Interest here. What can I do to help?


I say we don’t need to do it in August. I feel like it can be pushed to December even, if need be. I dunno how that works for you guys. But really, it’s up to Frank, because Brent passed it on to his hands to run it and is technically his event to run and plan.


If gear happens I will come.


From talking to Frank, I gathered that he would like any one willing and able to take over NWM 3 to do so. So, Chris is going to run it with our communities help. Myself, Gimpy and Dugg have already decided to go fourth with trying to help get this event up and running, because we know that if someone doesn’t step up no one will.

Summer works for me, the only variable is the venue. i vote anywhere with systems that can hold the amount of expected people, while also giving us time to appropriately advertise the event. Numbers wise, if we get the full support of the NW fighting game scene + promote attendance of some out of towners,then it can definitely work and turn out to be the NWM 3 we have been waiting for since the hype of NWM2.


Summer is halfway over already. I feel like rushing this for the sake of having it happen in the summer wouldn’t be wise. But I am not running it. That’s simply my opinion. I really do wanna see this happen, though. Once venue and date(s) are set, I’m willing to help out.


I can easily talk canoe into hosting this, dirt cheap as far as venue fees and there is another room most of you guys didn’t even see in the back.

just a thought…


after august and i might be gone, it’s POSSIBLE that in december that’ll work but only on Christmas break for me - i’m going to school over at eastern starting late september


If we aren’t trying to have out of staters come through, canoe or gc seems perfect. if we are trying to have out of staters come, they have to worry about transportation from where they stay to the venue. canoe wouldn’t be so bad since it’s so central.


Clutch! That venue was the truth. Large, has seating, is in seattle and has a bar? Awesome. You should call them and try to get some ideas for mid-late August dates.


the calendar shows it as wide open all month (for august) also theatre season is off so there won’t be any ToJ overrides.

$ wise off the top of my head it was only like $300 for venue w/ a cleaning deposit but you get that back (I think it was another $250). the $300 included the bartender and event manager. they already know to have a huge stock of energy drinks.

the downside is it’s kinda smallish, internet is meh (workable if not abused), no existing gear for setups, and not in a hotel for out of towners. there are hotels by the fields and all over DT though.

upside is there is all kinds of food in the ID, it’s cheap, has a big screen already, and they know us and would love to have us back.


I’ll help where I can.

I prefer to contribute without signing up for anything specific, since that way I’m an extra warm body. Extra warm bodies can be great come showtime.


So intriguing considering how much we all enjoyed Bloody Knuckles. I think the size will work (it worked for BK so I’m sure it’ll be large enough with that extra room you were talking about). The fact that the venue has already proven to be trust worthy and work for large scale tournaments while also being in Seattle with a bar and available on the dates we were originally considering for a reasonable price is reason enough for me to jump on that. So Chris, what do you think? Canoe club sound good?


Fully support having majors at Canoe. That place is fucking amazing. I will drop coin to have it there.


Like I said in the last post about NWMs,I talked to my friend last night and he told me it depends on the size of the room we need and all because they have a couple different banquet rooms available to rent,this is at Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma


Hey Chris,

I think Tourney Play should definitely have a Street Fighter event along with other games, and I would be happy to help support it by volunteering, organizing, advertising and any other way, but I would prefer it not be designated NWM3. I have been unable to plan NWM3 this summer due to my living and working situation, but as a tournament, it is something I have put a lot of work into, and have plans for in the future. Frank asked me if he could plan it this year and I was happy to have someone keep it going while I was unable to manage it, but I was also going to have a hand in planning it, and it is not something I have abandoned.

I think promoting Tourney Play as the regional tournament for fighting games this year is a great idea, and the canoe club would work out very, very well as a venue. Their rental rate is amazingly cheap, they are very welcoming to the gaming community, they have a bar, ample electricity, an incredible atomosphere, are close to food, are right in the middle of Seattle, and have even more space then we saw at Bloody Knuckles.


Canoe club was amazing. Bloody Knuckles was probably the best seattle tournament I’ve ever attended. Portland was really looking forward to NWM3 so I think you would definitely see us up there.


If that particular weekend in August is concrete, I won’t go. I’m hella ducking Mandel because I’m scared of him in Marvel. :rofl:

Seriously, though. My friend is getting married that Saturday. If there are events going on for sure on Sunday, I’ll definitely roll to those.