#NWSF on EFNet: NW scene IRC webchat, online hotspot for NW SF

So kind of spur-of-the-moment but Bunkei and I decided hey, why not make an IRC channel for the NW scene, especially since regarding some small bits of drama and how just chilling out and saying whatever was up and etc., particularly the negro thread, was chill and fun for getting to know your “street fighter friends” and etc. Thus, #NWSF is born.

First: what’s IRC? basically it’s just a chatroom that stays there, and a ton of people can join and talk and listen in, etc. You can connect via IRC two ways: a “temporary” way in your browser via Mibbit, or by installing an IRC client and leaving it on while you’re in the channel, if you plan to chill with everyone for longer periods of time, checking in on the channel to see who’s talking about whatever at the time.

IRC via Mibbit: http://mibbit.com/chat/#nwsf@efnet
Click, enter a nickname, and press Go, and you’ll automatically join. You’re set. Pretty much the easiest way to do this, but might be inconvenient since it’s in your browser.

IRC via an IRC client:
Short version- Get any IRC client of your choosing, go through some regular/standard setting-up options, and connect to EFNet, and type /join #NWSF.

Long version-
You might wanna ignore this for now if you aren’t…“computer-literate”. Well, there’s a lot of IRC clients you can use. Some use HydraIRC, some use mIRC, some even use Pidgin… some are very “noob-friendly” and others are kind of overwhelming.
My recommendations are mIRC and ChatZilla. I’ll write out a quick step-by-step for how to connect via mIRC since i haven’t really used chatzilla before…but because this is an alternative to the “temporary” Mibbit, i’ll make this a tutorial where, after setting this up the first time, you can just run mIRC, and it will automatically join and stuff for you, so you can conveniently always be in the channel, chillin’ with the Northwest Street Fighter scene. If you just wanna check things out for now you should just click the Mibbit link above.

Hopefully that helped. For now, the IRC channel will be a bit quiet before more and more people start chilling in here, but come check it out and talk about whatever; we’re the northwest street fighter scene, but as scene by the negro thread, we’re cool cats who can talk about anything.

Hmm… this is actually a good idea, cuz KK usually has AIM chat sessions, but AIM is failing as of recent and in my experience (8+years) IRC hasn’t failed me.

I’ll come in and idle one day. Idling in #srkgd and #capcom are always fun.

For anyone that uses Firefox their is a great simple add-on called chatzilla you can use


All you have to do is download it and restart Firefox and open it up form the tools drop down menu. From there you’ll see a area where you can type in whatever and to get to the channel just type in

/server irc.efn.org and after that /j #NWSF

Next to the text entry area is a button that says number, click on that abd you’ll be able to use whatever nick you want as long as no one else is using it. The advantage Chatzilla has is that it’s a bit more newbie to IRC friendly and the layout is much nicer and simpler.

thats tight. ive never done irc chat ever. we should get a vent server hahahahaha

hey dude why do they hate you in canada? whatd you doooooo stephen?!?!? lol

Awesome - this needs to be stickied.

Aim chatrooms allday magic happens in my chatrooms haha i might give this a shot

i don’t know :frowning:

i bless this thread with its first notable quote from the irc channel:

true wisdom lol

yeah i can’t join to the irc server…not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

if you’re using chatzilla, something on Lord_Raptor’s post needs to be corrected: irc.efnet.org, not irc.efn.net

hopefully that helps frank…?

sweet yet another SF related time suck!!!

I’ll help you out with it when I get home Frank.

Just corrected that, hopefully that helps.

yeah that did the trick

man, i keep seeing “NSFW” lol

^me too

I’m not too good at computers, but I’ll have to give this a try! It sounds awesome.

Also if you have a Mac Colloquy is by far the best program for IRC

Does anybody actually get on? If people actually used it, I would get on.