NxC Avatar request

Before the request, props to (I think it was) Quiche for the NxC sprite rips a while back.


Sprite : http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/4554/avasprite23iu.jpg
Black-redish background

That’s all I really want, no other specifications, if you have an idea to make it cool then be my guest. My name on it is optional, depending on how you think it looks.

Thanks in advance.

(Also if anyone could tell me which game that character is from? o.O)

She’s not from anything, she was designed for NxC.

Oh thanks for the info.
Do you know her name by any chance?

Reiji I believe.
The other two new characters for the game are Komu (the dude) and Sayo (the evil chick)

Thanks for the info. If only I could read japanese and import it -_-

It’s quite easy to play, you just won’t be able to understand what the hell is going on story wise. I’ve spent about 12 hours on it.

I put too much importance on a storyline to do something like that :confused:

I noticed noone had made anything. This is just something simple I did. Use it if you like.

That’s really nice. Could I request one possible change? If not I’ll use this one it’s very nice. But could you try to make the sprite a bit bigger? I don’t care if a little bit more is cropped but it kinda looks squished a bit. Though I might be going insane o.O

That’s Xiaomu. The dude is Reiji.

like this?

You’re awesome. That’s a million :smiley: