NY Anime Castle's Street fighter 4 10 dollar tournament march 20 5:30pm

Our first ten dollar tourney was a huge success so Anime Castle of 35-32 union street flushing ny has decide to host another 10 dollar Street Fighter 4 tournament! Now that we have a little experience after our first tourney thanks to the great players from Shoryuken we now have a better understanding of how a tourney should be ran.
Ten dollars gets you in to this fabulous tourney with the grand prize being a video game of your choice! Thats right if you happen to be the last one standing in this tourney we will give you any game of your choice that doesn’t include a guitar or drums in it. More prizes for the players and another T.V. to help speed up the event.
So come on down to Anime Castle’s ten dollar tourney where the winner could be you!
35-32 Union Street Flushing N.Y. 11361 The trains near me is the 7 and the buses are the 13,20, 44, 16,14,28

5:30pm please be on time for the tourney.

Entry Fee
10 dollars to enter the tourney if you would like to just come and see it you can.

Tourney Format
2/3 rounds double elem winner’s loser’s bracket, the top 8 players get 2/3 matches game is being played on ps3 we will have multiple systems and the main set up will have hori sticks but not enough to go around so bring an arcade stick if you need one.

The winner will receive a video game of his choice…as long as it doesn’t include a guitar or a drum set. other prizes will also be provided to players

For additional info please contact me at Metrokard@aol.com or at the store 347-438-1296

A time would be nice. 4 pm would be great. I’ll be there. What’s the password?

Ohohohohohohoh, it’s in the title. My bad. What should I do for those 2 hours?

starts at 6pm we have weekly tourney’s like smash and tvc so we put this last becuase it takes the longest

ill be there most likely going this friday to see how much i lvled up

Improvements I’ll add:

Since the brackets were made with hand last time, I’ll provide a faster, more accurate method in making them. By bringing my laptop with tourney bracket software, I’ll be able to place the participants without thinking twice. The program?
AJL Tournament Maker!

I’ll also bring my sticks in case people want to play with extra Horis.

Have someone make sure that either the top 8 are recorded with enough hard drive space in their computer and, if needed, an extra adapter, in case we run out of them during the tournament.

Also, it’s a lot better now for single elim, best 2/3 until top 8 to make it more interesting. That way should grand finals be longer we’ll have enough time to make it through without no one telling us to push the matches thru.

Otherwise, this should def be one of the better tournaments out there. Looking forward to show people what I’ve learned and how much I’ve lvl’d up with the Prime Minister Prinny Bashing Imperial Deathstar Red Cyclone Buff Monster!


the fact that you said “prinny bashing” makes me want to attend

Ill def be there…hopefully by than my order from Lizard Lick will be in so i can bring my pimped out HRAP3…hoping Ill do better after switching my main :woot:

do these anime castle tourneys usually start on time? because normally I can’t get there by 6 PM on a weekday.

as long as you show up before the first round ends your in.

I’m in there

ill prolly go

Is there a player limit cap? Id hate to show up and the event is filled coming from long island :p.

10$ 2/3 Rounds, Single Match, Single Elimination is horrible.

no player cap but come early to be sure if your going to be in.

wait tvc tournaments every weekend?

wtf? i missed that. 2/3 round singel elemination? nah id rather not go and wait for a tourny that has losers brackets also. was bringin like 3-4 ppl to.

if i change it to double elemination will that make it easier?

ull get a shit load more players thats for sure.

Yeah double elim would def be better…:woot:

granted tourney is now double elim
time for tourney changed to 5:30 though to help get out before 8pm
also preregisters will be greatly appreciated
date is old and the prize is wrong but its the correct one to pre reg with