NY / NJ SF3 Tournament 9 / 3

Hey sorry for the late post. Thanks all for participating in the first Game Dimensions 2d tournament. Hopefully this will be the first of many to come.


1st Kevin
2nd Shag
3rd Elias
4th Min

Great playing guys!

Also Thanks to everyone else who showed up. Chibi, Tony, Hansley Anthony, Chris, Shae, and Joey Crack. Good work everyone! Check out Tekken Zaibatsu on labor day for the announcement of our Tekken 5 Tourney if your interested.

Had a great time, it was nice being at the cafe again and seeing familiar peeps. :pleased:

Min and I were the only guys with sticks. This young kid looked at it and said “Boy, that sure is a BIG controller!” :wow: :rofl:

Props go to Zaelar, Cyborg Cop, Chibi, Joey Crack, Hansley and Min(forgot your SN:sweat: ) for the good games. :nunchuck:

If I’m not busy, I’ll try to make your T5 tourney. :karate:

Min’s sn is Mr. Fantastic.

And yeah, good games.


thanks for running the tourney. it was a lot of fun and stuff

you definitely need to run another 2d one sometime soon

ggs everyone

<Is Zaelar/Kevin, but Chibi is logged in here and i’m too lazy to log out/in>

Thanks for the local tournament. I hope for many more. I hope they don’t get TOO big though, would suck having 30+ people in that room.

Skip T5 and go to cvs2! I’ll still enter and scrub out with Devil Jin in T5 though.

That was fun! Nice meeting and playing everyone. Y’all are a real chill group of guys. This is Elias…the guy everyone thought was going to (but should have) win, lol.

good games everyone…i was the huge guy with the semi fro losing to everyone with chun…hopefully ill have a stick by then.

I remember before the tourney of you playing with Chun against someone else and me thinking to myself, “This guy is going to win. :rolleyes:” heh heh.

Your Chris, correct? Nice to see you online.

how many people did u guys have?
i was busy getting owned at tekken elsewhere else i might’ve been able to make it

like 12 people i think. it was a great tourney just to play…good vibe