NYC - 2 FREE HDTV 32" CRTs - 125 LB each, on 5th floor - must pick up before Tuesday, May 14th

Hiya folks. I’m moving on Tuesday and I can’t take these with me.

One is Panasonic and one is Samsung (label removed on Samsung one lol)

They’re good quality TVs. Both have remotes. I have no idea if their display modes cause lag, but they always seemed to have pretty good latency to me. Perhaps it was an assumption.

The only downside I can see is that on both it seems like the edges clip off a bit. This could be due to the PS3, I dunno. I never tried them with XBox360. I connected the Samsung one to my PC before, it has DVI hookup. On the Samsung I connected PS3 via component, the Panasonic has HDMI HDMI iirc.

They are in a 5th floor walkup and weigh 125 pounds each.

pm me here or email me: bank at bankbank dot net