NYC 3rd Strike


I really liked the idea of the “Bay Area 3rd Strike” thread. The Next Level thread kind of sucks, and the Atlantic North forum is just overflowing with posts/threads in general… luckily for us, this board isn’t too busy (heh)… and completely outside the critical gaze of any mods!!! Being a young whippersnapper when it comes to 3S, I figured I’d channel my youthful enthusiasm into trying to get everybody to communicate so we can play together more.

Hoping this thread can be used by people who have any 3S interest, from mild/dabbling to hellbent/obsessive, for things like:
-meeting up at Next Level
-CF meet-ups if they have 3S after the reopening
-private or semi-private offline casual sessions, which I’m interested in either joining or hosting
-online matchmaking
-possibly holding a (gasp) tournament or some streamed sets?

On that note, I’m going to Next Level tonight… will be there by 7:30. Join me/hit me up for games if you’re there.

3s in NYC
UMvC3 OTT Back to the Norm

No lie, i used to hate 3s, but after experiencing playing just about every other fighting game, i might just play 3s again. I just need a stick :frowning:


Does Next Level use cabinets? Because I play on a controller so I don’t know if I’m SOL or not.


PERFECT first response. I am curious, though - have you ever, at any point in your life, enjoyed any fighting game? :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’t have any 3S cabinets. The only cabinets they have right now are SF4 and then they just got head-to-head ST/CPS2 cabinets. The new cabs are pretty gnarly, but yeah, no plans for 3S cabinet(s) AFAIK. NL just has a ton of 360s and a couple of PS3s, many of which have 3SOE installed. Hopefully CF will have a 3S cabinet or two when it reopens on May 5, but who knows.

Recap of Next Level on Fri night:
Nica KO happened to be there, and I got in a bunch of great games against him and a friend of his (didn’t catch your name, sorry) then later against Duke (aka Hardbread, the Dudley player). GGs to you guys and thanks for the pointers and good sportsmanship and all of that shite.


I like I like. Good Shit Poe.

On another note. BAY AREA vs NYC 3v3 or 5v5. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


You know, not really. Other than MvC2, SFA3, and Vsav(barely), not really. I am getting Monster AC when it comes out to see if i like it. Other than that, i used to hate parries, but after seeing some high level play for months, especially on Oro, i might get into it again. I wish we had a cab again though, at least I can play on the stick. 3soe is good offline right? I’ll revive my 360 to get it for some practice mode sessions before the next time I come out.


Thanks, brosephus maximus. :slight_smile: Hey, if our respective threads fail and no one cares, you and I can do a BAY AREA Vs. NYC 1v1 showdown for ALL THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!



Looks like I’m the only one in Queens who plays 3s. Fucking gay. I cant make it tonight but anyone going to the Next Level next week?


That explains like 90% of your play style.


Well excuse me princess.


You’re a pad player? Wow… interesting…


Is 3s at the re-opening of CF?


Nah its a shitty place, don’t go there. You will cry.


^^ i heard the same. wonder why the owner decided to make it child-friendly. theyre gonna go bankrupt with that new BS.


Dude, admirable setting up 3S in NYC; but forget CF. I was in there on Saturday, feels strangely illegal being in there with all those little kids and rainbow paint.




I don’t have specific plans to go at the moment, but let me know when you can go - maybe we can meet there on Friday or something.


Oh God, I have such a love hate with that man. I think he’s hilarious and actually sometimes pointedly insightful, but he needs to get off his high horse in this video… Some of the Empire guys were the scariest of the group, at least when I was going.

Yeah, that made me LOL, too… no offense, Louis - I don’t know you or your play (in fact it’d be great to play you at NL sometime), I just wouldn’t have thought you were a pad player… if you know what I mean.


Hey Poe, where in NYC are you? I attend Rutgers Business School in Newark.


Oh, nice. I’m in Manhattan. Do you get into the city often?