NYC Anarcade Madeness 11/5/05 results!

Since no one posted them I’ll put what I have!!!

1st. MarlinPie - Sol / Slayer
2nd. Andrew - Ky / Chipp
3rd. Phrekwenci - Zappa
4th. Zidane - Anji
5th. HNH - Sol
5th. Chaz - I-no

EX 3 (Round Robin)
1st. Jeron - Guile/ Sagat & ChunLi/ Guile
vs Sanford K - Sagat/ V. Rosso (2-1)
vs Justin W - Ryu/ Ken (2-1)
vs Omar Briggs - Bison/ Sagat (2-1)

Melty Blood React
1st. Saiyd- Shiki/ Vampire Sion/ Akiha
2nd. Andrew- Ciel
3rd. Mynus- H&K
4th. Mike- Chaos

1st. Hatred
2nd. Christopher
3rd. Jared
4th. Ace

CFE got canceled for some reason. FlashMetroid didnt come in time for GG. I guess whoever else knows the full results with characters or whatever can just post it here. Nice enviroment, chilled and kicked it with cool people, nice event at Anarcade!

I believe second in MBR was Andrew / Trazek and third was Michael / Ducky?

Also, Freck = Phrekwenci.

I wanted to play CFE / MoTW too, but no go.


No Garou tourney happened? If there was someone post the results…thanks.

Even though I thought I was 4th, that should be right

Results and Photos

Thanks Jeron for posting up the results man. I’ll find out the full results of all the games by this week. But I want everyone to check out the pics as well. Again, thanks to everyone for showing up and having a great time. Peace. :tup:

I won garou due to being the only entree.

PhilipKao: np!

The article on the event is here:

wait. wasnt it…

1st. MarlinPie - Sol / Slayer
2nd. Andrew - Ky / Chipp
3rd. Phrekwenci - Zappa
4th. Zidane - Anji
5th. HNH - Sol
5th. Chaz - I-no

and hey. i used faust the most!
and testament and eddie >.<


  1. Saiyd (Shiki/Vampire Sion/Akiha)
  2. Andrew (Ciel)
    3/4 tie) Mynus (H&K) / Mike (Chaos)

Might be wrong on 3/4 but I think that’s right.

Yo we definately have to have breakers next time. Even if it ends up being dumb and broken we have to get it out of our system at least once.

TEAM (place name here)

yeah, your 5 bucks owned us all freeeee!

jeron: thanx 4 posting results and spelling my name correctly ( ‘i’ before ‘y’ kids)

philipkao: good stuff , posting fotos:tup: . damn, no sexy mug shots of me…:confused:

marilin pie and all the others that entered ggxx tourney: spooky , myself and two other members of our anonymous group , are trying to establish a serious team/scene dedicated to ggxx (what ever the latest may be) and melty blood (partially).

we JUST got into to the GG scene roughly 3 wks ago and we want to get good, FAST. problem is, we (our group) are all newbz and sparring amoung ourselves only hinders our progress. what we need is a regular ass-whoopin to get us into shape. so hows about we and your ggxx ppl hook up for a sparring session sometime later in the mth.

those viewing this pg and r interested, pm me or ‘Spooky’ so we can set shyt up. gg players unite!!

btw pie: i saw your venom in casual play , 10+ q balls on screen at once WTF:wow: :wow:
your teaching me that.

cant forget TFGM, marvelous, philip, etc.: good stuff setting up the whole ‘gettogether’. i’d thank the other persons involved , but i dont know who they are.


  1. I knew I was 4th~
  2. You used Faust like twice… And Slayer like 123490834 times. And Testa / Eddie in casuals.
  3. oh my god guys, guys hyperventilates it was so close, oh my god

Theres a console/computer cafe around where Chibi and I live that I think would be a good place for guilty gear gatherings. I’m going to have to talk to the owners about pricing, and see if we can all put in like 10 dollars for like 8 hours of casuals. We’d have to bring our own systems and games since they don’t have jap/mod ps2s, but we wouldn’t have to worry about TVs. Think of it like the break, only a little closer to new york(I think), no tournament, but all the casuals we want! All thats missing is random beeps from a certain arcade cabinet that shall remain annonymous. We could probably get it turned into tournaments if thats what everyone wants.

Yeah otherwise we’re stuck rotting in Kyo’s place for a few hours until we’re the last to leave. We’ll teach you what we know if the rest don’t show up, otherwise you can just bask in Kyo’s light.

It’s a bus ride away (the stop is on the same block), and hell I imagine Zaelar (and maybe myself) could house you for the night if need be.

That being said, I’m practicing two new characters and an entirely new strategy for the next MBR tournament, so we’ll see how that goes~


Chibi, want to stop by there tomorrow and talk to the owner? Call me anytime after 3 if you can drive, or anytime after my dad gets home from work if you want me to drive.

2 Unsung heroes and GGXX and MBR Casuals

I dont know if it was announced or not but you guys can have your casuals at Anarchcade every friday for GGXX or Melty Blood ranging from $5 to $10 depending on how many peeps you get. I’m there every Fridays in the afternoon so I can get you great deals.

Thanks and adding to that a big shout out to my boys Matt and Kendall (the 2 hosts) :tup: that ya’ll forgot about. Cause you know Justin wasn’t really hosting O_o. :rofl:

Friday is evil.

Sounds good, if he’s there mind you.

I work until 5 anyway, we’ll see what happens.

And Kao, yeah Fridays are bad.


I’d have to agree with Arnold here. I mean, if this fighting game causals thing was something like Saturday, you’d get a lot more people and money.

Yo phillip, i DEMAND to see SFEX2(two) in the next anarchcade lineup for the next tournament. ex2 is WAY better than ex3 on SO many lvls . followers of ex3 are highly deluded and need to take it back a step into the greatness that is ex2. try ex2 for next mths lineup, i guarantee you’ll get more entries (not to mention me by default):tup: .

PLUS the ps1 version has team mode w/ THE MOST SERIOUS BLIND PICK EVER.

i can supply the ps1 , i just need my boy to produce a copy and we’re set.

‘rets battle’

More Pictures, Guilty Gear Crew, and new games list

You Guilty Gear cats need to talk to me about giving you Saturdays at Anarchcade. Hit me up on the PM or call.

Here’s the lineup for the next random tourny:

Soul Calibur 3

and 2 other TVs for casuals. If there’s enough peeps for other games (EX2, etc.) we’ll then have a tourny.

Well aside from all the demands here are some more pictures:

The results are in Triforce’s possession, until then I will post them up once I get a hold of them. Peace.