NYC arcades

Hey I am up in New York for the week and I wanted to check out the local arcades. Is CTF the best place to go for everything or do the other arcades listed in Pryde’s thread have good comp too?

Btw I play like everything so I’ll go wherever. Oh and one more thing, does CTF have a Vampire Saviour machine? Kof Xi?

Only places to go to in NYC is Chinatown Fair and Kong Man. CF is a real arcade, has all the standard Capcom and Namco games. Kong Man is a entertainment store with a few arcade cabs located in the back. Kong Man specializes on SNK games.

CF has VS. Kong Man has KOFXI.

Both places are close to each other. 5 minute walk.

Chinatown Fair
8 Mott St

Kong Man
89 Bowery