NYC Arcades


Where do people in NYC play? Specific names and where they are at is cool, I can find it from there :slight_smile:


Chinatown Fair


Does anyone play near times sq? My Girlfriends apartment is on 47th so it’s just a short walk to arcades there…


CTF is at 8 Mott St.

It’s like 20 feet from the corner of Mott and Worth.

You’re most likely better off going there. Everywhere else is kinda crappy.


Other than CTF, there isn’t really anywhere else in NYC that has high level competition.


Once I was playing at chinatown fair, being scrubby and stuff. And then people are like “Hey, BAS!” I’m like “…”


There is an arcade at Leisuretime Bowling in the Port Authority that has decent competition if you go at the right time.


Oh shoot! That was you? hahahaha…

You played K-groove right? 'sup BAS!


Yeah, I used K groove. K-CBS mostly, with some random people thrown in. Did I ever see you? All I remember is there were these two guys who thought I was great and always asked me for advice. But then Justin and Eddie are two feet away :lol:


I’ve been at CF with a tall white guy who talks in a homosexual lisp and a smaller Puerto Rican kid. We all use A-Sak, Bison, Blanka. It was before last ECC or last year’s March Madness I think. My gay voiced friend asked me why BAS was here. If I remember correctly, I told him, “Shut up.” :lol:


When do you go? I go on Fridays from 4-6 and random days along the week and sometimes weekends.

I play the teams in my Sig. Just look for the asian guy with glasses wearing gloves.


Oh man, I think I know who you are now.

Did you use P groove your first match at ECC8?


Yeah I used P-Cammy, Eagle, and someone else. I think I parried nothing at all. I died badly :slight_smile:

Anyway, since I’m in Hong Kong now, I don’t play at CF anymore. But it should still be the place with the best competition.

… also, there are maybe four trillion A-groove bison/blanka/sakura users there so I don’t recognize any of you guys :lol:


I was the person that played you. I was suprised when you picked P. I was like, wtf? I was so used to you playing K.


Hi DP CC spammer! :slight_smile:

My P groove reason was because I was like… “ok… so it’s my first tournament, and my execution will be totally crap. I will also play more conservatively than usual. Therefore, I must pick the most difficult groove that requires superb execution and taking of calculated risks, because I’m a dumbyhead.”

This is something that everyone should do.


Yeah I understand.

I know, I did abuse the cc back then. But I learned my ways now. :smiley: