NYC area offline sessions?


Hey guys I’m kinda new to the community and I can’t seem to find any place where people get together for offline sessions in this area. So if anybody could help me by telling me places where people meet up, when, and where, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thx in advance =)


CTF is gone :frowning:

We need some new NYC spots.


Check out our meetup page for sf/mvc. Or pm me for details. We meet regularly at least once a week.


welcome to NYC bro!
the city that “HAS IT ALLexcept meet ups!

i just wanna play people in 3 simple games.

Guilty Gear Accent Core.

Melty Blood Actress Again


Arcana Heart 3

There’s never any meet ups!
this is what i get for not living in SoCal.


Meet ups, Meet ups, Meet ups, Meet ups!!! Someone in NYC, just host schedualed LAN sessions at your crib and we’ll come through. We’ll all be friends and drink tea and eat crumpets while we hear the click clacks of each persons Arcade stick and the raging and GG’s. ( SSF4 - MvC3 - Third strike [if on GGPO] and so on…)


Come to 8 Bit & Up (35 St Marks Place, Manhattan) on Sunday nights for offline SSF4 and MvC3 until the wee hours of the morning.


Thnx for the info =]


Is there a price at the door or can anyone just walk in? This is near me so I’d be up for going.


seems like its free, but a donation of 5 buckaroos is recommended for upkeeping/maintaining the weekly sessions.
as far as i read.