Nyc brooklyn super street fighter 4 competition

Whats up !

Were throwing an underground SSF4 game comp in a 2500 sq ft loft tom, tuesday sept 7th. The address is 285 kent btw S 1 and S 2 nd street in Williamsburg brooklyn.

Theres gonna be DJs spinning dope beats, a bar.

PS3 , Video projection.

5 bucks to enter, free to hang out. Winner takes half the pot.

21 +

If your planning on competing plz rsvp to

aight lets fight !!:badboy:

sounds shady


btw, considering you post this a day before and its $5 entry. The turn out isnt expected to be too great. In addition to only taking half the pot, entry + travel expenses + time it might take to finish the tourny, makes this not too worthwhile? Your description is way too short, is it single/double elim? Theres probably going to be buybacks considering only half the pot is there + no venue? Are there house sticks? How many setups?

got that right

winner gets half the pot rofl.