NYC Chinatown 05/03/08 MVC2 tournament Results

1 Erik “Smoothvyper” Arroyo

2 Desmond “Xcutioner” Pinkney

3 Jorge “Pablo”

4 Lincoln “DragonGod” Morris

5 Mike “infinite” Williams/Liston “OperA” Parasram

7 Amir “SNAKE” Arabi/Arthur “Baby Wolverine” Catigbe

Congratulations guys! Good turn out. Good shi’t to philly for showing up. Too bad you guys had to leave a bit early. Hopefully ya’ll will come down to our next one. Chinatown is slowly, but surely bringing it’s Marvel scene back into play. See you guys at the next one!

so pissed i couldnt come…no ride to get there…anyways good shit to everybody…maybe next time.

sorry i couldn’t make it to this one. But i’m in jacksonville Florida (since thursday), but i will be returning tomorrow, so i’ll be down for the next tourney.

good shit, essay

also tf2 update > cf tourney

Most hype match of the night??? Erik vs Bryheem?? lol

shit was crazy desmond fucked me up twice. erik n desmond r officially my demons. stay gangsta!

Any vids? I was counting on you to record that shit.

wow good turnout, good games regardless that i didnt enter since it was so late. ill take the day off of work for the next one, cant wait

Honestly i didnt think i was gonna make it… I was comin from six flags and shit and the port authority bus took mad long…good thing i gave away all my prizes at the park cause there was no way i was goin to ctf wif all those stuffed teddys lol… so i didnt even bring the camera and my phone died so i couldnt even record that shit on my phone… but yeh that particular match was hype as fuck… i think it was 2-1 erik:looney:

marvel was fucking hype this weekend

eric vs bryheem = why so srs?!?! lol

Demon?..Correction, I’m not your demon I just own you free. There is no if’s and’s or butt’s about it. Pfft…demon…sure guy!

You still my nizzle though!

uhhh! I cant cope.

Heh, good shit to Eric and Dez…life > Marvel so I couldn’t make it this time around…

When Erik/Bryheem Were yellin and getting hype i was like yo UGHHHHHHHHHHHH…Mangs that shit was GAWDLIKE!!!

It was good seein Yipes/Brandon show up to cf yall niggas is nice at this marvel shit GGS yall:karate:.

Hey, I don’t mean to bring up random stuff, but is anyone interested in buying a Masstick? It’s basically new and in perfect shape. The colors are black and red, and it’s only for the dreamcast. It has 360 joystick. All, i’m asking for is $100 even.
The reason, i’m selling it, is cause i got like 5 massticks at home.
Let me know if you’re interested.

Give it to Brett so he gets better.

Pass that shit this way!!!..I can get it after 18th of this month

If I get cash before those 2 ^^ do I’ll beast that shit off ya!!

YO ill take that i got money right now haha

EDIT: i’ll be fair ill wait till the 19th

Double Edit: As a matter of fact i really dont need a whole new joystick i wanna swap out my p360 for a comp… if u have a comp and u wouldnt mind switching it let me know… Henry installed it for me and its workin fine i just hate p360s…

comp sticks are cheap on lizardlick and other sites. Those are even easier to install than p360s cuz no 5v line. just hook up everything else like it’s connected to your p360.