NYC Chinatown 05/24/08 marvel tournament results

Thanks to all that showed up to the tourney. This tournament had a lot of upsets which im sure will lead to future shit talking and money games…lol

  1. Erik “SmoothViper” Arroyo
  2. Liston “Oper@” Parasram
  3. Desmond “Xcutioner” Pinkney
  4. Sylvester
  5. Javier “Khameleon”
  6. Dwayne “BuckNasty”
  7. Joshua “360” Aponte
  8. Lincoln “DragonGod” Morris

After requesting Amir first round, Mike “Infinite” Williams loses 2-0
Me beating Lincoln, Desmond, Buck and Erik to win the winners bracket.
Erik owning me freeeeeeeeeeeee in the finals…itz all good.
My dude Sly losing his first game to Javier and destroying the losers bracket to get forth place. My man Desmond also after losing his first game going through the losers bracket to get third place. Oh Me and Erik had a double KO the first game of the finals.

Good games to every one and I’ll c every one in 2 weeks.


yo good shit to everyone. ill prolly catch y’all l8er on da next one.
DAMN i wish i would’ve seen mike V.S amir aka LORD OF DA JUNGLE!! who knows maybe a first ten…? or would that be to brutal?

Yeah Mike already challenged him first to ten for a $100. We have to c wat Amir says

amir already nice niced it

I know but i was tryin to make it hype…lol

lol freefinite got strider con doom’ed? fraaaaaaaaay lol good shit to everyone…:smiley:

Huh I tried to pm this and it didn’t work.

OperA123 are you running marvel on june 7th? Could you put CVS2 and ST in the announcement too? Nick T. and I running them. Thanks!

What about the Double Ko isn’t that a highlight?

Liston gets a million of those, we had a double K.O before as well.

yeah i forgot about the double ko. I do get alot of those…lol

good shit mike

y0 STINKfinite, why is your mustache curly? FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Well, I really can’t say you’re pringles, you were doing a Godlike job at blocking my Strider, I mean GODLIKE. It’s okay, if you be nice, maybe I’ll let you go next tourney 2-1, seeing how 2-0 is a little too devastating to a man who’s career is already over. Anyhow, I’ll let it burn until next tournament, hahaha. Good shi’t Mike :smokin:

I couldn’t do shit this weekend and to make things worse my internet is on and off.

I might come through this Tuesday as I will be in the area, which by my definition is within 30 minutes.

Not too likely though, too much shit to do.

I say fuck waiting, AMIR versus INFINITE now!!!

The fans have spoken.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! oh man this is definitely a money match…LMAO:rofl:


BTW: Liston that sig is super godlike lmao, good shit getting second. My bad for not coming, I went on a little vacation.

Did you do this:encore:when u won?


mike ate Amirs home made humble pie?

good shit especially since Infinite asked for you in the first round.

Strider/Doom representing.


I miss shit like this

And so it begins…Some one needs to bring a camera for this.