NYC CL: Battle Of 8 Bit & Up III 12/8 featuring Wong, Marn, Floe, Cole RESULTS


Thanks again for everyone who showed, we got a great turnout with 48 people showing up, thanks in part to the heavy hitters who were sticking around after NEC, also a big thanks to Spooky as always for a godlike stream, next one should be in January guys

1st EG Justin “Marvelous Hollywood Wazzler Lemon” Wong
2nd Floe
3rd Marn “Martini Phantisy” Phan
4th Boflex Mike
5th Mike Gee
5th Wayne
7th Spab “U2 cant save me” Rog
7th AfroCole
9th Poem
9th Rhys Not Reese
9th Nerdo Yoshua
9th SkSkSkSkSk
13th Jason Chan
13th Noel “I am fucking Beautiful” Brown
13th Megaman Steve
13th Adnan


my last name’s Chan. Good shit everyone, fun tournament.


My bad, Phire’s “a” looked like an “e”… shoutouts to paper brackets


paper brackets fucking up the environment. inconsiderate fucks. nah but good shit, venue is small but the tournament was ran fast. Good games to Bowflex mike who put me in losers and eliminated me. awesome ken.


fun tourny ty for running it!

p.s *floe not flow =P


Congrats to Wong, Floe, and Marn for taking top 3! Kind of surprised I got 9th, but I did win 3 sets.


Rhys here. Fun tourny megs. Gg to Marn and Bowflex.


Even though I was dissappointed with my tournament performance, thanks Steve and Phire for running this, this was a great time. I look forward to the next one.

I think we should all give it up to the pizza and gelato places next door for the free food, drinks, and for letting us use that whole upstairs. Their participation in the event really helped make this special.


Thanks for hosting a cool event and GGs to everyone I played. The people running the venue were cool and the setup next door with the stream was nice. Shoutouts to Wayne for putting me in losers and AfroCole for putting me out of the tourney.


Nice tournament. I find it funny how so many top players don’t enter when Justin, Marn, and Floe enter. >_>


Lol, me and spooky were dogging Art to enter, he said it himself he didnt wanna get blown up, and empire was busy so yeah, sucks our hometown heroes werent in full effect


Since the “guard crush special” overhead is no longer effective…I’m looking forward to discovering the new “8 bit special”, go mike.


fun tournament :slight_smile: