NYC CTF: Marvel Thread

Finals are ending.

I plan to start going to ctf (sometime next week).

I plan to play all day (unlimited quarters), as many days as I can get in when I’m free and to improve.

If you play Marvel at CTF and would like to game post here (ahead of time).


youre going to have no trouble finding comp but you might have trouble staying on the machine

i love the sign that says “Play at your own risk, no refunds” in CTF

The machines are broken?

Also how long are the wait times for marvel and 3s, and during what times?

the wait times vary

and he means that you’re going to lose a lot at CTF, so don’t expect to stay on the machine very long.

I know what was meant, I want to know the time from losing to getting back on after waiting. Can I get a number and when maybe it’s not too crowded.

Can you get a number? wtf is this DMV?


dude, just put your coin down and play the fucking game.

I asked how long I got to wait, if you don’t know don’t post. If it’s like a 2 hour wait I’ll go somewhere else. Or if people know times when it’s not too crowded let me know.

I just said. PUT THE COIN DOWN AND PLAY. It’s not a 2 hour wait. If there’s 20 people there, which i only see that many go on tournie days, then that shouldn’t be more than a 40 minute wait. Besides, there’s two cabinets, so 10-20 minutes MAX wait. There’s no number waiting. You just put your coin down and play the game. Seriously, what the fuck kind of backwards arcades have you been to?

just go friday night you’ll always find comp and booze, plus when erik or yipes are on the machine ppl tend to get discouraged so you will be able to keep playing. Shit I remember once I got to waste like 15 bucks in tokens vs yipes because noone else wanted to play

“just go friday night you’ll always find comp and booze”

Thanks for cool non-jerk reply.

hmmmmm wait 20 minutes play some of the best in the world


go to mall play randoms

i dunno what should i do

God Damn

Yo Mike- Mixah is dead on about this. The wait times vary, it’s not like we can give you some formula or some premade schedule that will make everything plain and simple.

Go there, put your coin on the panel. Then you wait…

Instead of worrying about how long it’s gonna be before YOU can play you should be focusing on the matches being played while you are waiting because chances are you will learn more from watching players who are better than you, than you will by playing yourself.

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fridays i am usually there, so if you want to get your ass kicked, just ask for merdoc:lovin:

whos that little chinese kid that always beats my ass on friday nights?