NYC DBZ Wii Players

Hey just looking for a good amount of good DBZ for the Wii players. I am thinking of doing a tournament with 15 others.

anyone from nyc interested post up info or if they are interested.



Ya a friend of mine wants me to put this together for him … go fig lol…hey if its fun why not.

why just specifically Wii DBZ players? i assume you are talking about DBZ:BT2?

Because the Wii version is better…

enlighten me please? consider me the Village Idiot when it comes to differentiating between the Wii and PS2 versions of DBZ:BT2. I am listening.

Because The Wii has added FUN with the Wii-mote…yea…thats about it.

But this IMHO

so its purely a cosmetic preference. alrighty, good to know, thank you.

If you hold a tourney for Super DragonBall Z, let me know.


ima def be there. who else is goin?

this is easy money so ima be there lol.

ill definatly be coming to this been wanting some competition