NYC Evo East plans/preperation

nods to Exo

For us East Coasters planning to go to Evo East maybe we can post plans and shit here. I got my crew all set…i greased up my ps2 pad:looney: and i’m ready to rock!!!

and i’ll be at CF ALOT from now and at Web2zone to practice, practice, practice!!! if anyone wouldnt mind meeting u with me and the other…NEW WARRIORS (shameless plug) holla at me!!!


c’mon homie…

practice makes perfect

CT gonna kick yo ass.

i really want to go but currently have nobody to go down with/room with.

we have like 2 months… I wanna get decent in 3S again, so I wanna be playin with the best… juan, matt, antishoto… all you mofos… at w2z…

Brooklyn > CT…actually Hold Dat > CT :wgrin:

PM me

well hopefully i can get the best to practice with us…but you know my scrub ass will be around

Matt!!! My Johnny > yours.

I’m down for practice and I might be down for EVO East. We need to plan this out carefully. I gotta represent Team Top Gun.

I need someone with a PS3 for some DR and VF5 practice. I’m barely at CF on Friday nights for DR action. Damn it all.

So Matt, we’re done with A3 for now.

What games are you fools entering? I’m entering the following:

GGXX Slash
ST(was it even on the list?)

we gotta room up, no homo. I also think Shotokan wants to room up.

So lets figure something out

I’m entering cvs2 and 3s, yay

I know im qualling for cvs2, 3s is gonna be a coin toss for me. Gotta practice.

I will actually be at w2z again for some practice…this friday for SURE. I also wanna try whatever new games came out. that arcana heart on console yet ??

no, its not.

your not qualifying in 3s no matter how garbage the coast is

shit happens

Arcana Heart isn’t an EVO game, dumbass.

not qualifying in 3s :stuck_out_tongue: stick to cvs2 and play st

no qualify for 3s if u play me again lol

try not to get 360 and 720 so much
u figure out how to fight hugo yet?

y ST?

for you can be claimed by the WALTERPOCALYPSE

i want iiiin

when did I say anything about arcana and evo ? I said I wanted to try a new game thats all.

you are not in a position to call me anything mainly because I own you in every game there is. you stop playing a game if I play. remember that mvc1 convo ?

ds : spiderman isnt top tier yo…I know because I play mvc1
snaake : REALLY ? ok lets play
ds : …naw I think I quit
snaake : oooook :rofl: :rofl:

only way to get your dignity back is by MM me in marvel1. I will bring a dreamcast next friday if you want. but of course I am 99.99.99% sure you will dodge this with some BS excuse.