NYC Fulton Fish Market Tournament 7/27/2010

  1. Kenny (Bison)
  2. Parnell (Random)
  3. Javier (Abel)
  4. Chris (Guile)
  5. Tony (Balrog)
  6. Eric (Zangief)
  7. Neji (Guy)
  8. Wade (Guile)


what the fuck? where was this pot monster tournament?

was this even posted in tournament and events?


LOL Pot monster secret.


haha, not a secret, but we never posted under Tourney,

us pot monsters congregate on Tuesdays at the Fulton Fish Market FISHMARKET NYC to try to get better and not become pot monsters anymore

A spur of the moment tourney was played, but its usually casuals


Cool, I haven’t been to their casuals in a while. Kenny has a good Bison from what I remember.


oh my bad

i didnt see it in tournament and events and thought ppl were running secret tournaments or something


teach me how to play bison, min


hahha there was no prize money at stake, so nothing to hide


Why don’t you guys come to Guard Crush instead???


min be fiendin for that evo japan chedda


haha tony you posted this on SRK? kenny’s first tournament? - batting 1.000 right now lol.

can’t buy beer/food at guard crush


i personally would, but its in BK and I am literally closer to westchester, so its 2.5 hour min one way o Guard Crush

I think its good to have as many tourneys as possible for people of all skill levels


Why doesn’t guard crush come over to the fish market?! oh yes!


lol, I go from EVO2k10 to this. Oh and maybe I should get an asterisk next to my name because I was playing on performance diminishing drugs

Booty: I’d love to come down but I’d be home at 3am and I gotta work next morning. and yeah… no beers :wink: