NYC looking to sell my Fight stick Arcade Cab / Pedestal!


Hey gang,
I’m moving into a grown up apt with my woman and have decided to let this thing go. It’s pretty new, in great shape and fully assembled. It’s a Rec Room Masters Pedestal / Cab designed specifically for fight sticks for any system. I used it with two SFxT VS sticks and an Asus 23" monitor. It’s great. I’m looking to sell it for $250 but would go down if need be. Also interested in trades for it. You’d have to come pick it up, I’ll help you get it into your car.
Here is the link to the craigslist post I made.




That’s dope


I’m looking at pictures of this and I can’t tell whether this is more towards sitting down or standing up. Looks like an interesting option.


I stand and then when I get tired I sit on a bar stool.


Some things I’m looking for if you want to do trades. Old Japanese gaming systems with games. SPecifically The Famicom and Super Famicom. Also would take a Neo Geo AES system with controllers and games.


Oh and I also have a Qanba Fusion Ivory stick that I’m looking to sell or trade.


Really? Nobody wants this?


$200 any takers? I can’t take it to the new apt just measured.


I live in Brooklyn, NY and would love to have it but I too don’t have the space for it. Good luck on sale and as a side question, what are you looking for in regards to trades for the Ivory stick.


I’m interested in older Japanese consoles like a Super Famicom or Famicom system with some games. Or a Neo Geo System with at least 1 controller and a game.


I’d also take a Turbo GFX 16 system


I’d also take a PS Vita lol. Somebody take this thing off my hands, I can’t take it with me. :frowning:


Where u moving too?


Somewhere else in the city, I can’t believe nobody wants this thing lol.


It’s breaking my heart to see this go unsold for so long. If I lived anywhere nearby, I’d get it.




I would buy this if I was local


if u were comming to ct i woulda really considered it


Lol, borrow a car and drive to the city, I’ll help you load it up buddy!