NYC Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament 03/26/2011


Tournament Format
-$5 Entry.
-2 out of 3 (3 out of 5 for finals)
-Double Elimination
-Winner Chooses Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, or MVC3 Xbox360 as the prize.
-Playing on PS3 systems

Anime Castle
35-32 Union Street
Flushing, NY 11354
tel: 347-438-1296

March 26, 2011 3:00pm

Bring your own sticks and controllers. We have some to lend out, but they’re pretty beat up.

We are a premiere casual gaming location. Rocking in the basement of Union Street. All the cool gamers hang here :cool:…(and not so cool Yu-Gi-Oh kids too :amazed:).


no ones posted here yet.
flushing as in flushing queens?

any set ups for other games.
like perchance ,AH3, or something other than MvC3?

lastly, good prize, an xbox360?
thats cool.


read again, noone said xbox360 was the prize.

also, the prizes are whack, why cant you guys just do top 3 prize split like when aris runs your events?


march has 36 days?!


cuz someone that wins a marvel tournament obviously wants another copy of the same game


Art you playing this game?


thats what i get 4 speed readingxP


That’s probably why you can’t comprehend what people are typing nowadays.


Is this a troll thread?
Why are those prizes so ass?


no, but ive been to enough animecastle events to know if aris doesnt run it, management always finds a way to mess it up.


do it for pikuachu guys


I am in there. Art I had a big discussion about the reason why they don’t do money tourneys anymore at the last tournament they had. It kind of made sense to me, Plus the tournament pretty smooth. The only problem mad people just dipped before there loser’s bracket match. This one kid had 4 buys. WinRich? I don’t know how to spell his name was there. 12 year old prodigy over there. I really think you should come with josh, and min and blow it up!


There’s another event on the same date in Franklin square.


Come On People Get Hype!!! There’s Another Tournament Going On, So Don’t Cry It’s Only $5 Entry Plus The Great Tourney Experience… Just Get HYPE!!!




NYC GET HYPE! I got that copy of POKEMON BLACK when i win this shit. FUCK

yo you guys got dat yanyan/pocky right? can i have some if i get 1st



Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
16-man bracket

1 Astley Graham
2 Moharned Fahim
3 Raja Sharma
4 Pearson Bosslegend
5 Robert Myers
5 Sean M.
7 Lian
7 Mikael Barziu
9 Govanni Peacz
9 Andy Zhou
9 Chris Hyland
9 Justin Solomon
13 Joshua Rosenberg
13 Kevin Diaz
13 Patrick Thorngroop
13 Anthony Lopez