NYC MBR 5-21-05 "The Price is Right" Tourney Results

1st: NDW (Akiha)
2nd: Master Chibi (Satsuki)
3rd: Akuma Hotaru (Miyako), Zaelar (Ciel)


NDW’s turtle Akiha sweeps the tourney.

Chibi’s Satsuki performs about 100 EX slaps.

Akuma proves Miyako can win too!

Lots of surprises and surprisingly well played characters. Pretty much anyone could have won.

Replays: (copy and paste to browser)



Haha you two are making me crack up here.


That Miyako makes me cry. :sad:

Go back to a game you give a damn for.


its all about chibi hit-confirming 2b-ex slap like 9/10 times. that shyt made me mad. ITS NOT A HIT CONFIRM, dammit!! how does he do it?

is that a good thing?

were can i get replays of u guys and pretty much anyone else whos good at mbr?

sabin & jeron : remeber, its ‘i’ b4 ‘y’ (saiyd) :tup: stop doing that too.

MC: omfg! that avatar is dead sexy. is it your own work?

why does tournament play make every1 so BEASTLY? niggas was FOUCUSED!!



Someone needs to bring a laptop to ECCX, Kevin’s not coming until Sunday.


I found out the power of that 2B by accident ages ago, it’s a damn powerful poke. Even if it trades you’re likely going to eat EX-slap in the face.

Linalys is super picky and is a pedophile, so no.

The WC has put MBR on the back burner for a few other doji games and most ‘importantly’, EFZ. So all you’re going to get is MB:AC videos and I guess replays of myself against Zaelar if you’d like those. I’d like to get my friend the H&K player to come next time. I talked to Vic and he said it’d be cool to do this monthly. I’m all for it.

Yes it is. I didn’t create the picture mind you, but I messed around with it. You want one with Aoko?

Even with the stupidity that I displayed (lack of EX-air), I have to agree, everyone’s game was on point. Truthfully, after having watched the replays (and thinking about things on the subway) it opened up my eyes to the game. I played Zaelar the next day and I swore both our bad tendencies disappeared, and our games went through the roof.

As per your advice, I’m practicing AkAkiha, along with M.Hisui on the side for my own fun.

I look foward to having this again.


It was a good watch. It must have been fun to be there. Yall got better than your level at Epic.

Favorites(had to use imageshack, cuz attachments are now premmie exclusive):
Warakia uses invincibility of EX tornado ftw.
Ciel player(I assume Zaeler?) linked a lot of combo after ciel s.cx2 knife throw, which takes a lot of practice… by that, I mean A LOT. Props.
Miyako comboing Arc Drive.
On match 17, Warakia chains, and then DASHES AND LINKS a combo. Great job.
Thought this looked cool. Warakia’s tornado missed and Akiha’s geyser nailed him to finish the match.
Anti Air Arc Drive(grab) - success. Seriously, not as easy as it looks.

Have fun at Ecc tournament, guys. k then later

Theres a small chance that i’ll go on friday and sunday, depends if I can win enough money playing poker. Probably won’t be bringing laptop on friday if I go.

Don’t mind me, you just aren’t doing what in my narrow/most likely incorrect view is best to do with Miyako. Just ignore me and move on, like I’m doing to that sucky Satsuki player! =p

MBR’s not worth playing at higher levels. Play EFZ instead.

I can win matches by just sitting around waiting for my 2A to land so I can go into 2BC 623B. That’s not really much fun.

I can play Ren, but then that means I need to work 10 times harder when I can pick Nanaya or Arcueid and get fast, easy results.

Great job, FFD! We love looking at thumbnails!

Fixed your post.

MBR makes something like DoA look good. No, really – at least DoA has some meta-game aspects to it, whereas MBR just has 2A into 2A into 2A into combo.


Great job, haters :stuck_out_tongue:

You say that like it’s not applicable to every other fighting game ever created.

It’s disappointing to see you guys just dump the game like this (seeing as how you fools are a huge part / reason that I got into the game at all) but the rest of us sure as hell aren’t going to do the same. All this supposed over prioritized 2A shit has never been a problem for us, but you all keep wailing on it like it really, and truly ruins the game, and that’s simply just NOT the case. Don’t act like it’s a lost cause because it sure as fuck isn’t one. We’ve got the means and knowledge to explore this game to its fullest to our utmost ability, and I’ll be damned if I throw away the opportunity now.

And Dippy, shut the hell up, you were never good at the game to begin with.

throw me a frickin bone here :b I’ve tried fixing it and it’s impossible to get correctly. Something to do with srk setting I assume. The exact same coding works on Eternal Romancia and pretty much all other forums I go to, but not at srk. BUT! I still can link the images directly, I learned, so all’s good.

Play combofiend at ECC~
He`s really good.

I did play him. He’s Chaos was pretty good, but it was for like ten minutes amongst the Tekken / #R crowd, and there was a few annoyances to be had as well (lack of stick for him). I won both times though.


Can’t wait to see that shit in action.