NYC NGBC and KOF tournament July 22nd at Whateverdot, Bklyn -- A MUST FOR SNK FANS

I, Jon Badwolf, along with Capcom Killa and my boy Duke are hosting a tourney at Whateverdot located in downtown brooklyn. There will be NGBC and KOFXI. and i hope a camera so the matches can be recorded. Call 347-385-3683 for a spot. and best of all there is no entry fee. so you don’t have to pay.

Betting rounds are acceptable. July 22nd 12 - 4 pm. Happy trails.

Damn damn damn…man…I gotta think of someway to pull going to this off…this has me and some of my friends written all over it…

Someone better have a camera!!!

I’ll do my best tp come

Well so far there are 4 people coming. Big Yay…

I suppose that the SNK community is low in NYC, but it can’t be that bad. C’mon, I can’t be the only one repping SNK in NYC. Well I do own Canarsie, but still…

i been reppin KOF since 95 version…have all of them…KOF 11 i never played but it looks good

So can you make it shibuya? Or get people to come. I hope someone brings a camera. My malin with shock and awe.

I’ll see if I can come, because it looks like I probably won’t be able to go to Evo East ;p.

Sweet! Maybe I could get a practice round in NGBC with you this weekend…

Guys, if you aren’t going to evo east, we can go a few practice runs in CF this saturday. the number above is to let me know you guys are in.

You can try there or w2z whatever u guys want to do if ur not going to evo east

Speaking of Web2zone. I’ll make an appearance there today, Friday. but i can only watch as I am a poor broke nigga:arazz: . lol. anyway, i’ll watch unless you guys would pay for me…

good luck with the tourney guys, please do record matchs I would like to see them.

Sorry guys. due to an unfortate crisis. the tourney is pushed to July 31st. sorry.

Sorry to hear that man. Many people would like to see what will be the outcome of this tournament.

Btw … is anyone here going to go to EVO at Vegas ?


Don’t misunderstand. the tourney is still on. just it’s pushed to july 31st. I’m thinking on doing it at web2zone so i can get the birthday thing since it is my b-day on the 31st…

Jon if u wanna do it officially at web2zone let me know I can talk to my boss and get a discount rate.

It’s on at web2zone.

I am willing to pay for 20 people to show up. I have $240 for the gathering. if you are in post now. I have 4 definites. I need 16 more.

Ok guys, the tourney is on from 4pm to 7pm, possibly longer. SOMEONE BRING A CAMERA TO RECORD MATCHES! Other than that, hope to see you guys on my b-day. Let me sweat on NGBC! I want to feel fear of losing in NGBC!