NYC Road To Evo 2 results







(please note that lincoln is citiofbrass. i forgot to add him so he took my spot.)

SSF4 teams

  1. emp dominance andre, kevin, sandford
  2. chinatown legends arturo, eddie lee
  3. big e’s strip joint: nerd josh, min, one
    4th place tie: dr chaos nurses: dr chaos, inthul, rico suave
    5th place tie: ifc gracefull dragons- jeron, yipps, lincoln
    5th place tie: far east coast- damdai, chris hu, hzy
    7th place tie: c-low- noel brown, frankie 3s, li joe
    7th place tie: honorary great friends (dan)
    9th place tie: finger cramp (hak)
    9th place tie: off constantly (charles)
    9th place tie: random citi, adnan, clark
    9th place tie: Rpw (papa)

13th place tie: bkny (mike g)
gsp (nikko)
awsome (rhys)
fun tier (sean)

17th place tie: emp university students (n.y.n)
fat (micheal)
vega sandwich (jeff)
twinkie (jason)

guys srry for 3 weeks of procrastination but this is the first week that i have touched ssf4 since the tourney let alone go on srk.

shout out to:

sweet johnny cage: thanx for all your help man. if there is anything i can help you with pls do not hesitate to ask man.

big E: you saved my ass at the last minute thx man.

spooky: good looks man we will def be working together more in the future.

thx for all those who helped me run the tourney smoothly: Li joe, bisonpolis, nose, shiki, gbpoeta, sci, jasmine, q, and all others if i forgot i am so srry please find forgiveness.

i wanna thank all of you too for showing up @ nyc’s first major. i am already planning for bigger and better things next year : )

GS guys.

I heard UMK3 was insane, so sad I missed it live. Please post the links to those matches when you guys have time.

What a fun tournament. I’m bummed no one signed up for TvC, but I still had a great time. GGs to HyperHal and Andre. Thanks for playing TvC with me. Also, ggs to Damdai, Jeron and Arturo in HD Remix. I’d also like to shout out to MutantXP and the 3s crew. Thanks for your hospitality, and also for parrying my every move. :arazz:

P.S. Hey Hal, thanks for the bye in Alpha 2 :bgrin:

GS to everyone i had a great time with everyone.

Good Job Andy and Joe.

More Shoutouts later have to finish my house work, lol lol.

Team Big E stripe lol

MutantXP won 3s, not Joe

GGs to all those I played in tourney. Lincoln’s Akuma was on fire yesterday. Props to him.

A2 was serious as fuck last night. GGs to everyone I played in that, too.

I won Cvs2 lol yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Insane isnt even the word man! lol

fun times. good chilling with ppl i haven’t seen in awhile. Good job to Andy and everyone who organized and helped out.

Yo no one cared, but CVS2 Grand Finals got really intense! There were only like 5 people watching, but yo it was something serious! Good shit Sanford.

You were my first match, no fair:sad::sad:
Congrats on that and getting that plane ticket to Evo.
<—4th place CvS2 pot monster, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy:looney:

Shouts to:
-Andy. I know you were stressed the hell out at times, but you pulled it off!
-SweetJohnnyCage and Bisonopolis(good to meet and work with you, man!) for helping Andy out and showing me Tonamento(thanks for showing stuff too, Mike Infinite:smile:) so I could help with getting the brackets going for Super.
-PA Unplugged: Jon, Jason, Sci, Charles(Nose)
-Empire crew: TF, Yipes, Desmond, Andre, Lincoln, Jeron, Kevin, Ariel, Liston, Mike Infinite, Noel
-Philly: Big E and Dr Chaos
-Nerd Josh, Arturo, Henry Cen, DS, Min, Spooky, Javitz, Shankar, Tweleve, Eddie Lee, SNAAAKE, LI Joe

-and a big THANK YOU to all the SSF IV entrants for keeping your cool while we were getting matches together. Much obliged, everyone.

No Evo for me this year, so I’ll catch y’all @ NEC most likely!


Was this streamed or recorded?

LI Joe & Noel Brown my girl says thanks for dinner. :bgrin:

Yeah UMK3 finals was hype as hell. More then any other game :rofl:.

Anyone record the Marvel matches?

shout outs to the fuckers that didt call me for the a2 tourny :frowning: the tourny was fun tho :). good shit andy. also shout outs to BIG E for the godliek burgers and the storys u was telling me and yipes lol

Yeah, it was on Spooky’s channel.

GS to Mike getting top 16, and Dan/Blue/Will getting top 8 teams :tup:

i looked for you for about a half hour/45 minutes. you were no where to be found.

Oh yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed Flushing, and coming to a town where food and travel expenses was NOT an issue :slight_smile:

On some real talk, Alpha 2 was that serious shit. Shoutout to Hyperhal for passing out behind a pillar or something while it was going on

i left after i lost.a shitload of ppl in there had my cell and didt call :frowning:

citiofbrass and everyone who was helping him out:
even though i was only there for saturday evening / night, thanks for making the tournament such a great experience!

thanks for letting me play my loser’s bracket match early, since i knew i wasn’t going to show up on sunday.

Gummowned / Bob the Builder:
thanks for figuring out what was wrong with the start button on the PS2 side of my stick. if people on the east coast are having trouble with their sticks, they need to get their stuff checked out by this guy.

everyone i played in casuals and the SSF4 singles tournament:
GGs to all. i wish i played better, but i won’t make any excuses for my losses.

it was cool talking to you about guy, and thanks for the tips against t. hawk. we’ve got to do some guy mirrors again, just like we did in SFA2. let’s bring guy to the top!

i was the short little asian kid, playing with this stick.