NYC Road To Evo 2 results

Awesome goddamned tournament. I had a blast, and hopefully learned a few things in the process! Thanks to Citi, Johnny and Bisonopolis for holding this shit down, and shoutouts to all the folks I met and chilled with!

'Till next time!

I saw that while I was playing CvS2. Oh man, poor dude was probably tired as fuuuuuuuuuuuuu:rofl:

You played A2 DS?!?!?!? Who won the A2 tournament?

and you missed the A2 tournament?!?!?:lol: You slippin son!

Grand finals was Damdai vs. Jeron, Damdai won

This Tournament was a lot of fun; I really enjoyed myself talking and sharing information with all different kinds of players. Thanks to Citi, Johnny, Bison, and team spooky. Shoutouts to everybody I played in casuals, and during the tournament. There were a lot of players who were giving my pad Viper a hard time lol, it was strangely enjoyable. I really learned a lot, my losses surely only made me stronger. Also, another shoutout to the pad players out there. I believe I managed to play all the pad players except aulord, hopefully we’ll run into each other in the future.

UMK3 for the Hype!

Thanks for the hype tournament Andy. Thanks to all the people I played in casuals and thanks Poem, Hak and andy for all the matchup tips. Shoutouts to Adnan for taking me out of the tournament and thanks to dieminion for the tips and advice. I’m still super free but I hope to make a better showing next time.

Any Sakura use, Sanford?

LOL Yeah. I entered cause I was bored and wanted to push some buttons. I would enter at FR, but I can’t play on American sticks well enough.

I had a good time.
Shoutouts to **Andy **~ nothing more to say but your a great guy
**Damdai **on winning HDR - I’m happy i forgot to enter & tonamento
**Hak **for taking me out of losers - your a good guy too
Inthul / Dr. Chaos / Rico - I’m speaking with Hyena so lets see where that takes me, I’m sure ill see you guys in the later
Spab Rog for being a bitch and not coming

Well that was a fantastic tournament, the UMK3 community is very grateful for getting yet another shot at stream and from what I can tell we did not disappointed. I was told UMK3 had more viewers than the set of SSF4 that streamed some time before us which is neat. I don’t know what the stream topped out at, but I want to thank Team Sp00ky for being helpful and outwardly interested in what we have to represent in the fighting game community.

As usual, Joseph, our story continues, as very few times in all the tournaments we’ve played in together has anyone put more than 1 spot between us in placement. I don’t know how we could have had a better performance, other than not dropping so many combos or making serious counterng errors, but the show was fantastic for the stream and I am confident that if UMK3 continues to get the spotlight it will eventually attract more players, and having a player like you on our team really drives up the interest in the room which is a really fantastic experienc, and I’m sure running before SF4 finals both times hasn’t hurt either! UMK3 use to be the “golf” of fighters but now it gets serious pops. I’ll see you at Summer Jam if you’re attending, if not, Seasons Beatings is looking like a definite.

Andy, I want to thank you for having us there and letting us use our own setup to play. Anyone who supports UMK3 on the coordination end does nothing but help us spread our message to the fighting game community. The 10% UMK3 turnout compared to the total tournament turnout was pretty typical, but that ratio was double what it was at ECT2 which had a surprisingly low turnout based on their being over 300 players. Numbers were getting over 20s but have had a sudden drop but I think it’s only a hiccup.

Big E, you set the wheels in motion to revive this game a long time ago when I attended NEC2 and played in my first UMK3 tournament. I look forward to Summer Jam and hope we can get some stream time there as well.

Simon and DarkRob, you guys are rapidly becoming extremely valuable members of the community and your participation help and support is greatly appreciated.

The new and new old faces, Chin, Nose, Oscar, Jeron, BlueIX, Sci, Seas of Cheese thanks for a great showing in the tournament and hope you guys continue to play in the future.

Sweet Johnny Cage for really pressuring everyone and their mother to recognize UMK3 and following through by playing in every tournament we run. Without you and Joe I doubt UMK3 would ever have gotten the opportunity to stream and prove there is a level of seriousness in UMK3 most fighting game players have never given a chance.

Shoutout to my boys 9.95 and Summoning who could not be there. They are such an important members of our crew and the community, always pushing me to do more and take things to the next level for the community. We’re starting to and will see more regions pop up. The Ohio regional scene should start building soon with Tim Static at the helm, and Konqrr in Utah is going to start a scene there as well. No reason for us to do this alone and for the game to only exist in the North East when there are players all over the country sitting at home. The hype from streaming UMK3 should be enough of a kick in the ass to exclusively online players to either acknowledge they aren’t serious about the game, or that they know what they have to do to be. We need South East, Midwest and Texas to start showing some love.

Thanks to everyone in the room who watched and cheered, and to all the people on the stream who didn’t complain!

This was my first tourney in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time (sniffle, VF2), and the first with so many people…it obviously took a lot to pull off, so grats on that.

I didn’t really get to Talk talk with many people (altho watching Heavy Rain was some fun shit, too), but it was cool how friendly everyone was.

Hope I can get to the next one w/my wheelchair lol :). That ramp was viiiiiiiiiiicious…

damn streak u shouldv told me u were streak!!! lol i neevr wouldv guessed lol. and shin no1 even told me bout a2 son im pissed. im pretty sure i wouldv got top 3 easy! dont worry tho im def in there for summer jam. ima run the tourny fuck it lool

so did marvel get recorded/ streamed? Can anyone link to it? Also good stuff madness. I wanna see how you did verse Descutioner

Just wanted to say thankyou for streaming 3rd strike!

Who knew we would see a Necro in top 8 and Urien taking it!Also tweleve’s Twelve was just outside of top 8.NYC is making 3s look like Japan 3s.

I think I got 7th, but I know I was two more matches away from playing on stream :frowning:

I have to give it to Joe though, he played solid in our third match.

I hope they recorded Teams when I was hype :o !!! I couldn’t make it on Sunday. My mind told me to get the hell up but my legs said otherwise. GET HYPE TEAM TWINKIE !

Shout outs to everyone who sat behind me watching me play heavy rain. Car v Son is a 9-1 matchup.

I’ll write up a real shout out page in a little bit.

Was that seriously the only ramp for handicap? Dude that’s gotta break some sort of building code lol.

Should have beat that dhalsim mr. masters…we would have gone a long way…


Shoutouts to me for going all out on Sunday then getting rough with the pillar