NYC TvC Players


Looking for TvC players that wanna practice sometime in the NYC (Brooklyn) area

Get a hold of me on aim



There are a large number of people who play Smash Brothers and Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 in the Brooklyn area that also play TvC.

I dunno when they’re all getting together for practicing TvC, but I know there is interest amongst them.


booty clapper lives in park slope and holds sessions every other sunday and so forth so get at him if youre interested for tvc sessions


No way! I’m one of those guys that plays Smash Bros in Brooklyn!!

Not sure I ever played Naruto. I also play TvC! How convenient!!


Ya im a smasher so maybe one weekend smash/tvc fest let me know whats up


no smash here


Would have never thought all the secret TVC people in NYC would be smash players.


I live near NYC, usually when I’m there I’m in downtown Manhattan… still I want to play more people


We should totally do some TvC and Smash events soon.


Wutz goodie? I’m out in BK. I do both TvC & Smash Broz, but of course, prefer TvC as far as Wii fighters go. I already added ur friend code to my friend roster so get at me when u wanna play!


I sort of already know the answer but I’ll ask anyway. Can any of you host sessions besides me?


I don’t mind hosting a session this evening. My one issue is contemplating whether or not I’m going to stop and purchase my XBOX 360 and SFIV copy when I get out of work. If I do, I’ll most likely be playing on there…

Then again, I am TvC addicted, so I’ll probably be cycling through both games lol: How does 8PM sound?


I live in the bronx but I’m more then willing to travel out to BK for some sessions. I need to level up and get this tatsu stuff down.
How often do you guys have sessions?


Where in BK are you? I’ll be back in NY next week and down to crack it out whenever. Just let me know a time, place and I’ll be there. 5000.